Innovation Centres

As a technology provider, it is important for SIMTech to provide touch points to showcase, promote and engage the industry on specific technologies and applications.  This is done through the setting up of a number of innovation centres hosted at the institute - Precision Engineering Centre of Innovation (PE COI), Manufacturing Productivity Technology Centre (MPTC) and Sustainable Manufacturing Centre (SMC).

Precision Engineering Centre of Innovation (PE COI)

The Precision Engineering Centre of Innovation (PE COI) is a national initiative launched in 2008 by SPRING Singapore and A*STAR to help PE SMEs leverage on state-of-the-art technologies for innovation and growth. Housed in SIMTech and supported by A*STAR and its research institutes, the PE COI offers a broad spectrum of technologies, manpower training, consultancy, and comprehensive facilities to meet the manufacturing needs of local PE companies.

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Manufacturing Productivity Technology Centre (MPTC)

The Manufacturing Productivity Technology Centre (MPTC), launched in 2011, promotes the use of technology to enhance manufacturing productivity by improving efficiency and effectiveness. It also strives to create increased value with innovation and development of high-value products and services.

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Sustainable Manufacturing Centre (SMC)

The Sustainable Manufacturing Centre (SMC) is launched in 2009 by SIMTech and supported by government agencies and industry-related associations.  It aims to showcase and promote sustainability in manufacturing and bring together relevant government agencies, industry, and research communities to develop and implement sustainable manufacturing technologies.

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