Technology Upgrade (GET-Up)


Growing Enterprises through Technology Upgrade (GET-Up), an A*STAR initiative, is a pro-active integrated approach aimed at boosting the global competitiveness of local technology-intensive enterprises to equip them for the knowledge-based economy. SIMTech supports the GET-Up programme through: 

Technology for Enterprise Capability Upgrading (T-Up) - a multi-agency effort which involves seconding Research Scientists and Engineers (RSEs) to local enterprises for up to two years. T-Up is open to local enterprises with at least 30 per cent local shareholding, and are committed to undertaking R&D or innovative projects to upgrade their capabilities.  For enquiries on T-Up, please contact Mr Joshua Thong, Industry Development Manager at tel: 6793 8598; email: 

Operation and Technology Road-mapping (OTR) - provides the "big" picture view of the technology required to meet various business and market needs. Financial co-support will also be provided to eligible companies.  For enquiries on OTR, please contact Mr Jeff Pan, Senior Industry Development Manager at tel: 6793 8399; email 

Technical Advisory Support (TA) – provides access to professional advice by senior research staff at A*STAR Research Institutes on technological related matters and challenges.  To find out more about TA, please contact Mr Joshua Thong, Industry Development Manager at Tel: 6793 8598; email: