As Singapore develops its knowledge-based, innovation driven economy, research and development will be key for local enterprises to undertake higher value added activities so as to remain competitive in a fast-changing and dynamic global marketplace.

 Research institutes of the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) have worked with a large number of local companies in the completion of specific research and development projects. To help the local companies improve their technology management, A*STAR has launched an operation and technology roadmapping (OTR) initiative.


About the Technology Roadmap

A roadmap is a document that identifies key requirements for a set of products or service needs. These include critical system requirements, the product and process performance targets and the technology alternatives with milestones for meeting those targets. The technology roadmap provides the 'big' picture view of the technology required to meet the various business and market needs. This ensures that any technology introductions are relevant to the company and will have a direct impact to its business.


At the end of the technology roadmapping process, your company will have a defined technology roadmap created by your key staff with support from the relevant research institutes' technology specialists. This will enable you to link your business objectives with the required technology development and to plan a R&D strategy with the key themes identified.

5 Half-day sessions tailored for your comapny

Enhanced OTR - Enabling "Go-To-Market"


Getting There

To help you create the roadmap, five facilitated workshops (adapted from T-Plan, Cambridge University) have been designed. All the workshops are customised to your organisation with support from the relevant A*STAR technology specialists.

For enquiries on OTR, please contact Mr Jeff Pan, Senior Industry Development Manager at Tel: 6590 3151; email sppan@SIMTech.a-star.edu.sg