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Intelligent Printed Media SG 28 Nov 2011
Powder Feeding Nozzle and Process for Laser Aided Additive Manufacturing SG 201107668-4 19 Oct 2011
Polymer Microfluidic Chip with Embedded CNT for DNA Separation with Integrated Contactless Conductivity Detection (CCD) Sensor Fabricated by Ultrasonic Embossing SG 201106788-1 20 Sep 2011
Rollable Printed Dual-Mode Display SG 201106474-8 08 Sep 2011
Printed Light Emitting Devices SG 201106475-5 08 Sep 2011
Printed Electrodes for Stretchable Substrates SG 201106478-9 08 Sep 2011
Integrated Light Coupling Device and Manufacturing Approach SG 201106473-0 08 Sep 2011
Conformal Patterning by Hybrid Embossing and Printing SG 201106476-3 08 Sep 2011
Apparatus and Processing Method for Roll-to-Roll Embossing of Microstructures SG 201106477-1 08 Sep 2011
Apparatus and Method for Surveying and Height Measurement SG 201106241-1 29 Aug 2011
Tracking Antenna Mount with Zero Torsion on RF Cables SG 201105522-5 01 Aug 2011
Method and Test Kit for Quantitative Assessment of Anti-Fingerprint Properties of Surfaces US Provisional No. 61/482, 284 04 May 2011
Method and Test Kit for Quantitative Assessment of Anti-Fingerprint Properties of Surfaces US Provisional No. 61/481, 754 03 May 2011
RFID Asset Management System (SG) 15 Mar 2011
Near Field RF Sensing (SG) 08 Mar 2011
End-effector Module for Contact Operations (SG201100693-9) 31 Jan 2011
Disposable Microfluidic Monodisperse Droplet Generator (SG201100303-5) 17 Jan 2011
Detachable and Programmable Valve Module (SG) 30 Dec 2010
Array Probe for Sonic Non-Destructive Testing (SG201009706-1) 29 Dec 2010
Method and Apparatus of Forming Orthodontic Brackets (SG) 29 Dec 2010
Method and Apparatus for Identification of Defects (SG201009708-7) 29 Dec 2010
Safety Needle (Plastic Spring) (SG) 29 Dec 2010
Cylindrical Electromagnetic Actuator (PCT/SG2010/000445) 29 Nov 2010
Noise-resilient Method for Coherence Peak Sensing of White Light Interferometry (SG 201008428-3) 16 Nov 2010
Apparatus, Devices and Systems for Rapid Magnetorheological Finishing of Thin Panel Glass Edges (SG 201008438-2) 15 Nov 2010
Powder Injection Molding (US61/411,317) 08 Nov 2010
Improved Scanning Probe Microscopy (SG 201007269-2) 04 Oct 2010
A Microfluidic Device for Altering a Fluid Flow and a Microfluidic System including the Microfluidic Device (PCT-SG2010-000346) 17 Sep 2010
An Operations Management Innovation (OMNI) Methodology for Operational Improvements (SG 201006436-8) 03 Sep 2010
Porous Medical Tubes with Micro Guiding Channels for Tissue Regeneration and Drug Delivery 20 Jul 2010
Method and System for Avoidance of Machining Chatter 15 May 2010
Method and apparatus for extrusion injection forming 30 Apr 2009
Apparatus And Method For Dispensing A Liquid 27 Apr 2009
Projected Images Fusion Alignment 31 Mar 2009
Cold Rotary Forming Apparatus 31 Mar 2009
Cold Rotary Forming Apparatus (US Provisional Patent Application No. 61/165,247) 31 Mar 2009
Projected Images Fusion Alignment (US Provisional Application No. 61/165,211) 31 Mar 2009
Method Of Forming An Optical Structure 30 Mar 2009
Optical Structure ( PCT/SG2009/000107) 30 Mar 2009
A Liquid Forging Process for Producing Net-shaped High-aspect Ratio Features (US Provisional Patent Application No. 61/164,060) 27 Mar 2009
Safety Guard for Syringe Needle 25 Mar 2009
Safety Guard for Syringe Needle (US Provisional Patent Application No. 61/163389) 25 Mar 2009
Substrate cavity semiconductor package 27 Feb 2009
Method And Apparatus For Forming Net-Shape High-Aspect Ratio Features 27 Feb 2009
Correcting Axial Tilt Based On Object Positions In Axial Slices Of Three Dimensional Image 27 Feb 2009
Abrasive Flow Machining Apparatus, Method and System 20 Feb 2009
Method Of Making A Multilayer Substrate With Embedded Metallization 16 Feb 2009
Self Powered In-Pipe Fluid Meter And Piping Network Comprising A Plurality Of Such Fluid Meters 06 Feb 2009
Lighting method and apparatus for stereo vision system 06 Feb 2009
Finite capacity scheduling using job prioritization and machine selection 06 Feb 2009
Apparatus and Method for Automated Optical Inspection of Wire Bond Devices 06 Feb 2009
Apparatus and Method for Automated Optical Inspection of Wire Bond Devices (US Provisional Application No. 61/150,686) 06 Feb 2009
Lighting Method and Apparatus for Stereo Vision System (US Provisional Application No. 61/150,634) 06 Feb 2009
Method For Forming A Joined Structure 19 Jan 2009
Method For Forming a Joined Structure (US Provisional Application No. 61/145.642) 19 Jan 2009
Method for laser beam cutting of semiconductor 09 Dec 2008
Room Temperature Direct Metal-metal Bonding 27 Nov 2008
Metallic Coating and Method to Obtain the Coating (EP: 08167819.5) 29 Oct 2008
Powered Caster Wheel Assembly (PCT Appln. No. PCT/SC2008/000374) 30 Sep 2008
A Method for Forming Three Dimensional Carbon Nanotubes Network (SG Appln. No. 200805814-1) 04 Aug 2008
Method And Apparatus For Extrusion Injection Forming (1) 10 Jun 2008
Fast Automated Centre-of-rotation Determination in Computed Tomography Technology (PCT/SG2008/000140) 25 Apr 2008
Substrate Solution for Integrating Microsystem Devices and Electronic Circuits 27 Feb 2008
CT reconstruction for planar object and automated layer separation 27 Feb 2008
Multilayer embedded electrical interconnects and electrodes 20 Feb 2008
Abrasive flow machining devices and methods 20 Feb 2008
Method and Apparatus for Imaging a Sample 26 Nov 2007
An interconnector structure and a method of fabricating the same 08 Nov 2007
Method and Apparatus for Forming Articles 12 Oct 2007
Dual Sleeve Moulding Method and Apparatus 28 Sep 2007
Method of Coating a Particle 29 Aug 2007
3D wire loop shape and height measurement method and apparatus 09 Aug 2007
Solution of particles containing titanium dioxide and peroxo-titanium complex, and its preparation 27 Jul 2007
Method And Apparatus for Centre-of-rotation Determination in Computed Tomography Images 24 Jul 2007
Composite Interconnect and Method for Forming Composite Interconnects 13 Jul 2007
A method for electrical interconnection and an interconnection structure 11 Jul 2007
Method and Apparatus for Reorientated Reconstruction of Computed Tomography Images of Planar Objects 18 Apr 2007
Composite Structure for an Electronic Circuit 12 Apr 2007
Safety guard for syringe needle (1) 11 Apr 2007
Double-stacked EBG structure 01 Nov 2006
LTCC Substrate Structure 27 Jun 2006
Integrated shadow mask for full angle deposition 09 Jun 2006
Method and apparatus for bump inspection 23 May 2006
Tube for stacking and stack produced thereby 08 May 2006
Mould sleeve and moulding method 08 May 2006
Embedded Capacitor Structure 22 Mar 2006
A nanocomposite material 10 Mar 2006
A method and system for obtaining multiple views of an object for real-time video output 01 Mar 2006
Method and apparatus for extrusion injection forming (2) 13 Dec 2005
Optical wavefront sensor 13 Dec 2005
Nano-positioning electromagnetic linear actuator 14 Nov 2005
Discrete and embedded capacitor interconnection for optimal power decoupling 18 Oct 2005
Computed tomography system and method 13 Oct 2005
Substrate structure and method for power decoupling 06 Sep 2005
Optical InterLeaver 07 Jun 2005
Layer for Use in a Domestic Appliance 13 May 2005
Embedded Capacitor Structure (1) 24 Mar 2005
A Nanocomposite Material (1) 10 Mar 2005
Integrated Mask 09 Mar 2005
Method and Apparatus for Forging 04 Mar 2005
The Production of Composite Materials by Powder Injection Molding and Infiltration 29 Nov 2004
Systems and Methods for Deformation Measurement 12 Oct 2004
An Inspection Systems 29 Jul 2004
Low Temperature Bonding process for Multiple-Stock Wafers/Substrates 20 Apr 2004
Method of Fabricating Microelectromechanical System Structures 20 Apr 2004
Method for obtaining graded pore structure in scaffolds for tissues and bones, and scaffolds with graded pore structure for tissue and bone 22 Mar 2004
A Haptic and Rehabilitation Device Wearable on a Human Body 09 Mar 2004
Machining method for micro abraders and micro abraders produced thereby 25 Feb 2004
Red Emission Organic Phospor with Broad Excitation Band 04 Feb 2004
Method and System for Management of Information for Access Control 29 Jan 2004
System for surface finishing a workspiece 16 Jan 2004
A method and system to enable dynamic contacts inovation of services 15 Jan 2004
Method and system for data retrieval from heterogeneous data sources 14 Jan 2004
Finite Capacity Scheduling Using Job Prioritization and Machine Selection (1) 14 Jan 2004
Method and apparatus for detection of inclusions in glass 30 Dec 2003
Process for Depositing Composite Coating On A Surface 19 Dec 2003
Method for apparatus for machining of Micro Holes 18 Dec 2003
Production of composite materials by powder injection moulding and infitration 05 Dec 2003
Method of Determining Shape Data 17 Nov 2003
A Rought-cut Capacity Planning System With Production Constraints and Dynamic Bottleneck Consideration 30 Oct 2003
A Method and System for Lot Release with Multi-Constraint Criteria 30 Oct 2003
Apparatus and Method for Forming Curature in Sheet Metal 22 Oct 2003
An Inorganic/Organic Under Layer for Solar Driven Phtocatalytic Self-Cleaning Coating for Exterior Painted Surfaces 29 Aug 2003
Passive gravity compensated mechanism for multi-segment linkage 31 Jul 2003
Double layer metal sheet and method of fabricating the same 03 Jul 2003
Transformable and recyclable semi-solid metal processing 03 Jan 2003
Method for estimating a lead time of a process 07 Nov 2002
Opto-mechanical device for in-situ liquid drop analysis 11 Oct 2002
Mold design method and system (method and system rapid mold design automation with extended z-map geometry) 01 Oct 2002
An object representation method (Method and system of rapid mold design automation with extended z-map geometry) 01 Oct 2002
Apparatus and method for bonding strength testing 09 Sep 2002
A method of selectively extending data processing functions of a host computer system to a mobile device 10 Jul 2002
Wafer level electroless copper metalization and bumping process, and plating solutions for semiconductor wafer and microchip 16 May 2002
A method of wafer/substrate bonding 30 Apr 2002
Micromachined torsional mirror unit for optical switching and fabrication method therefor 30 Mar 2002
A heating apparatus for formable metals 14 Mar 2002
Method and apparatus for selective removal of material 04 Feb 2002
An apparatus for ultrasonic inspection of flawed materials 23 Nov 2001
Domestic appliance and method of manufaturing thereof 07 Nov 2001
Method of forming articles from alloys of tin and/or titanium 31 Oct 2001
A filtration system for magnesium recycling and purification 19 Oct 2001
Decoupled planar positioning system 24 Sep 2001
Q-switched laser 12 Jul 2001
Iron and sole plate for an iron 17 Feb 2001