Research Projects

Development of Integral Capacitor Processes on Organic Substrates

This project aims to develop low temperature process for high density capacitance formation on organic substrates

SolutionHydrothermal deposition is an attractive method for its low-temperature solution processing, as well as its relatively low operation and startup costs as compared to other film growth methods. A low cost direct printing is used to form the metal electrodes of the capacitors.
BenefitsUS patent application: Substrate structure and method for power decoupling
Patents / Awards / Achievements / DifferentiationUS patent application: Substrate structure and method for power decoupling
ApplicationsHigh frequency decoupling capacitor for substrates

Problems Addressed

Integration of passive components into printed circuit boards (PCB) offers the promise of better performance, greater robustness and higher parts efficiency. Not only does direct growth of passives onto boards do away with solder interconnects and optimise area utilisation, it also allows for higher feature resolution and greater flexibility in exploring novel architectures in electronic design for optimised performance. Thin high k dielectric films grown directly on circuit boards have the potential to achieve high capacitance density and replace current soldered-on discrete ceramic capacitors. The challenge lies in ensuring that film fabrication temperatures remain low for process compatibility with polymer-based boards.