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CAE Simulation Study for Precision Injection Moulding Process

SIMTech has ventured into the development of in-house Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) capabilities. CAE has been successfully applied for many R&D projects for the design and development of new plastic product and new moulding process. CAE analysis can simulate plastics flow and packing, mould cooling, and part shrinkage and warpage for thermoplastic injection moulding, gas-assisted injection moulding, co-injection moulding and injection-compression moulding processes. It also can apply for the thermoset material to simulate reactive molding processes including structural reaction injection molding (SRIM), resin transfer molding, microchip encapsulation and Underfill (flip-chip packaging) encapsulation.

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Problems Addressed

CAE is becoming a critical tool for the plastic moulding industry that currently faces increasingly tight delivery schedules and stringent quality standards. The plastic mould designer and moulding process engineers can use CAE as an analytical tools to understand and in-depth visualize the polymer melt filling phenomena. Hence, the plastic product and mould designs can be fully optimized through the computer base virtual soft-prototype approach. Therefore, the moulding industries can be benefited of shorten time-to-market and maximize product ROI.