Researcher Portfolio

Ma Cho Cho Khin (Ms)
Research Engineer
Measurements and Characterisation Unit
Introduction:Cho Cho worked in Quality Assurance in Sakata Inx (M) Sdn Bhd for 4 years and did research and development of surface printing/coating ink for flexible packaging. Cho Cho was also a QA Engineer in Proligo (S) Pte Ltd for 2 years; responsible for custom genomic and proteomic synthesis, purification and analysis prior to joining SIMTech in Jun 2007. Currently, Cho Cho is involved in the research area of materials characterisation and failure analysis.
Research Interest:Materials characterisation and failure analysis using thermal analysis and X-ray microanalysis techniques.
BioNotes:MEng (Chemical Engineering), National University of Singapore, 2004.
BEng (Chemical Engineering), Yangon Technological University, 1996.
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Scholarship award from National University of Singapore 2002 – 2004.

Silver medal award in 5th year and bronze medal award in 4th year Bachelor of Engineering.