Researcher Portfolio

Ng Fern Lan (Ms)
Senior Research Engineer I
6793 8498
Measurements and Characterisation Unit
Introduction:She has more than 20 years of working experience in electron microscopy and x-ray microanalysis.  The work involves research and development on various materials characterization and analytical techniques in industries ranging from manufacturing, electronic packaging, precision engineering, to aerospace.  Her current research activities are in the areas of analytical and characterization techniques in Electron backscattered diffraction. One of the projects is the microstructural characterization of gamma and gamma prime phase of superalloy IN100 by laser-aided additive manufacturing using simultaneous EBSD/EDS. The presence and distribution of gamma prime will affect the mechanical property. However, it is difficult to differentiate structurally gamma and gamma prime as the lattice parameter differ no more than 0.5%.
Research Interest:
  • Provided technical services and perform failure analyses to industry to solve materials-related manufacturing problems.
  • Perform materials engineering evaluations and materials characterization including microstructure evaluations, fractographic examinations, and physical and mechanical properties testing for new product development and product improvement projects
  • Scanning electron microscopy, X-ray microanalysis techniques in Electron backscatter diffraction
BioNotes:B Sc (Physics) , National University of Singapore, 1992
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Awards:Patent: Method of Fabricating Microelectromechanical System Structures, (US 7,753,759 B2)
3rd SIMTech Research Awards 2007 for the project "Processing and Characterization of Tissue Engineering Scaffolds".
2nd SIMTech Research Awards 2005 for the project "Development Of Glass To Glass Bonding Technique (SIMT/02-110014)".