Syringe Pumps


Pumps are essential in microfluidic applications, which require small amount of fluid to be delivered accurately and precisely. The SIMTech Microfluidics Foundry (SMF) developed a programmable modular syringe pumps that fulfills these stringent flow requirements.

The S-FluidPump SPM 100 is a cascadable syringe pump module which provides a cost effective OEM solution for liquid pumping system integration and instrumentation. SPM 100 syringe pump is precision liquid delivery module which can supports syringe size up to 60ml with both infusion and withdrawal operations. SPM 100 can be operated from one pump module standalone up to 8 cascaded pump modules with graphical user interface (GUI) computer software. SPM 100 exhibits superior performance in fluidic flow control with an accuracy of ±0.5%, step resolution of 0.015 micron and maximum linear force of 45Kg.

The SPM 200 is a mini version of SPM 100 and is able to perform both infusion and withdrawal operations and supports syringe size OD of up to 910mm. It is cascadable can be connected to 10 pump modules with a maximum force of 4 Kg.  

Syring Pump (SPM100)                                 


Mini spyring pump spm200

Mini Syringe Pump (SPM 200)


For more information of specifications and products brochure, please check S-Syringe Pump SPM 100.

For more information of specifications and products brochure, please check S-Syringe Pump SPM 200.