Bringing COVID-19 Test Kits from Bench to Bedside

The Diagnostics Development (DxD) Hub more plays a critical role in enabling the local research, innovation and enterprise ecosystem to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. To date, the platform has driven the development of 10 COVID-19 diagnostic tests with public and private sector partners. It has also supported the verification, optimisation, validation and productisation of cutting-edge COVID-19 solutions. By transferring the technological know-how to biotech companies to scale-up and manufacture kits for local and international markets, DxD Hub has facilitated the deployment of more than six million Fortitude tests to 45 countries, and the joint Resolute 2.0 kits (co-developed with DSO National Laboratories) and Rapid Automated Volume Enhancer (RAVE) systems to hospitals in Singapore.

20210618_DxD Hub Archer Kit 11 copy
DxD Hub scientist loading samples into a test kit reaction mix.