Scholars of A*STAR: Dan Daniel

Scholars of A*STAR: Dr Dan Daniel, IMRE

How the scholarship has enabled him to pursue his research interest and contribute to Singapore's economy at the same time

GIS discovers gut bacteria

GIS discovers gut bacteria critical to restoring gut health

Read on to find out why some of us recover faster from the side-effects of antibiotics

Scholars of A*STAR: Rosa So

Scholars of A*STAR: Dr Rosa So, I2R

What does receiving an A*STAR scholarship mean to this scholar? Find out here

singhealth-chatbot - 1000

Multilingual “Doctor Covid” enhances patient experience

Read about the A*STAR-SingHealth chatbot deployed at community care facilities

GIS Innovative Metagenomics Study

GIS Maps Out Antibiotic Resistance Genes from Hospital Environments

Findings made through emerging technology of metagenomics

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