A*STAR Research Attachment Programme (ARAP)

The A*STAR Research Attachment Programme (ARAP) facilitates collaboration between A*STAR and overseas universities to provide research opportunities for PhD students at A*STAR Research Institutes. Under this programme, PhD students from overseas universities will spend a minimum of one to a maximum of two years at A*STAR Research Institutes under the joint supervision of A*STAR researchers and faculty members of their home universities.

Research Areas


Please click the links below for the lists of supervisors and projects:

If the A*STAR researcher that you are interested to work with is not found in the lists, you may like to contact the researcher to discuss possible projects.


Formed in 2021, the A*STAR Centre for Frontier AI Research (CFAR) aims to advance use-inspired basic research in AI within the broader scientific community of A*STAR. 

More information on:

A*STAR Directory of Researchers

A*STAR Research Focus


  • International PhD students with a bachelor’s degree with at least a Second-Class (Upper) Honours or equivalent may be nominated for this programme if their home university supervisor has a collaboration with an A*STAR researcher.

The above eligibility criteria are not exhaustive.

A*STAR may include additional selection criteria based on prevailing scholarship policies. These policies may be amended from time to time without notice.


Awardees are provided with the following* during their attachment in Singapore:

  • Monthly stipend of S$3,200
  • One-time airfare grant of S$1,500
  • One-time settling-in allowance of S$1,000
  • Housing allowance
  • Medical insurance
  • Conference allowance
  • IT allowance 

Student progress report(s) is/are required to be submitted to A*GA for monitoring purposes.

* Terms of award are reviewed periodically, and prevailing terms apply to awardees starting their ARAP attachment from January 2024 onwards.

Estimated Cost of Living in Singapore

ITEMCost per month (S$)
Food400 – 1,200
Accommodation - based on single bedroom rental in a HDB flat 600 – 1,500
Transport100 - 150
Other Expenses (laundry, toiletries, recreation, etc.)400 - 500
Total Estimated Cost of Living1,500 – 3,350
Last updated: September 2022


Faculty and students interested in ARAP should contact the A*STAR researchers listed under the tab "Research Areas" for collaboration opportunities and placement respectively.

For ARAP attachments, interested students should undertake a 1-2 year attachment at A*STAR. 

A typical application process is as follows: 

Due to keen competition for limited awards, all applications will be competitively assessed.

A*STAR researchers should submit the nominations by;

  • 15th May; or
  • 30th November

ARAP-Partner University Scheme
Students from partner universities should contact the respective student office for enquiries on the programme and the application procedure. The list of partner universities and contact points can be accessed here ARAP Partner Universities Contact List.


The table below provides an indicative guide on the events prior to your arrival to Singapore.

Date before start of ARAP attachment Event & remarks
3 to 4 months You would receive an invite to apply for TEP (Training Employment Pass).

ARAP awardee would be requested to submit the TEP application form with the following documents.

  • Personal particulars page of passport
  • Detailed training programme
  • Educational documents

Processing time for TEP would take 3 to 8 weeks. Awardee is strongly encouraged to only arrange for flights and accommodation upon receiving the In-Principle TEP approval.

1 – 2 months TEP Approval received

Awardee would be provided with a medical declaration form and an IPA (In-Principle Approval) of your TEP application.

Awardee is encouraged to undergo health check in home country to avoid delays in the issuance of the TEP.

1 month Prepare for your attachment at A*STAR
  • Clarify with your A*STAR supervisor(s) on IT requirements (laptop & software).
  • Discuss with your A*STAR supervisor(s) on the lab materials required.
  • Register for any mandatory training such as safety and animal training.
  • Source for long-term rental options (Do note that you can only confirm your tenancy after your TEP is issued).
1 week Arrival into Singapore
  • Undergo further medical check-up if required.
  • Get TEP pass issued.
  • Confirm housing tenancy.
  • Confirm with supervisor(s) on any outstanding matters.
  • Apply for bank account (Most bank accounts would require you to provide a residential address)


ARAP-Partner Universities
Faculty and students from partner universities should contact the respective office for enquiries on the programme and the application procedure. The list of partner universities and contact points can be accessed here: ARAP Partner Universities Contact List

Please contact us at singa_enquiries@hq.a-star.edu.sg if you have further queries.


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Please contact us at singa_enquiries@hq.a-star.edu.sg if you have further queries