National Science Scholarship (BS-PhD) SCHOLAR


Parkouring Through the Academic Landscape with A*STAR

In the world of parkour, athletes fluidly navigate their environment, turning obstacles into platforms for progress. Similarly, Aniq Ahsan, an avid parkour enthusiast, uses this approach in his academic terrain, leveraging opportunities with A*STAR to propel him forward.

After receiving the National Science Scholarship (BS-PhD), Aniq pursued Physics at the University of Oxford. Recently, he shared some tips on how you can benefit from the support offered by A*STAR during your journey as a scholar.

The world is your oyster – you may choose to focus on your studies, participate in co-curricular activities or enjoy the experience of learning overseas.

A*STAR has strong ties with industry and an extensive network of scholar community across over 20 research entities. You have the opportunity to embark on industry-wide or nation-wide projects; seek guidance from peers on schools to consider, application process and so on.

For instance, Aniq works at the Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology (SIMTech) which develops advanced manufacturing technologies, systems and capabilities. He has just embarked on another endeavour, a decarbonisation project for Singapore which seeks to lower our country’s carbon footprint. Aligned with the Singapore’s Green Plan 2030, a whole-of-nation movement to advance Singapore’s national agenda on sustainable development.

During his previous attachment to the Institute of High Performance Computing (HIPC), Aniq worked on the real problem of bus bunching, a phenomenon where two buses arrive at the same time, leading to longer wait times and more crowded buses for commuters who board the later bus. His team built a simulation model to test out operational strategies, so that both drivers and commuters can have a better travelling experience.

In addition to working on scientific projects, Aniq also believes it is the job of scientists to communicate what is happening in the realm of science with others. He has been involved in the National Science Challenge (now known as National STEM Challenge), a science competition for secondary schools and organised exhibitions with the Science Centre. In his final year of University, he delivered a public lecture on quantum physics and special relativity for non-scientists, where all the proceeds went to charity. He now curates science videos on YouTube, conducts international seminars and shares his knowledge with students at the energy summer schools around the world.

Whether he's leaping across urban landscapes or diving deep into scientific challenges, Aniq's energy and dedication always comes out on top. As he continues to blur the lines between physical agility and intellectual prowess, we wish him the best in both his professional endeavours and parkour pursuits.

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