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Making the most of her PhD experience at the University of British Columbia (UBC)

Jenny Zhang, A*STAR NSS (BS-PhD) scholar, pursued her interest in Artificial Intelligence began during her undergraduate studies at Imperial College London (ICL). The invaluable opportunity to conduct research under Professor Antoine Cully propelled her to embark on her doctoral studies at UBC.

Why did you choose University of British Columbia (UBC)?

The decision to study at UBC was a natural one, largely motivated by the prospect of working closely with Professor Clune, whose pioneering contributions to the AI field resonate deeply with my research interests.

Located in the scenic city of Vancouver, UBC also boasts a vibrant academic atmosphere, characterized by a robust science culture and a supportive ecosystem that fosters innovation and exploration. A key affiliate of our lab, the Vector Institute, stands testament to this collaborative environment, serving as a hub for AI research and facilitating connections with labs across the country.

The strength of UBC's Computer Science Department lies not only in its world-renowned faculty, but also in the breadth and depth of its research areas. Ranging from Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision, to Reinforcement Learning and Human-Robot Interaction, UBC is home to some of the leading researchers in the field. This unique confluence of scholars has provided a rich learning environment, where cross-disciplinary dialogues are commonplace, and the pursuit of knowledge is unbounded.

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My time at UBC has opened a myriad of doors and enriched my understanding of the broader AI community.

The opportunity to engage in intellectual discussions with peers from various fields has not only sharpened my analytical skills, but also influenced my perception of impactful research. I am certain that the experiences and skills garnered during my time here at UBC will continue to shape my academic and professional journey, granting me a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving landscape of AI.

Any tips for students interested in pursuing research?

I encourage you all to seize the opportunities that come your way, and to never shy away from exploring the vast horizons of knowledge.

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