Consortium Management Office (CMO)

[CMO banner]Facilitates Broader Ecosystem Access to Tech Consortia (1000 × 500 px)

CMO is a national coordinating office for 6 existing Technology Consortia that seeks to promote Singapore’s capabilities both locally and internationally, with the goal of developing an ecosystem of public-private partnerships that facilitate the deployment and adoption of new technologies.

Currently, there are 6 Technology Consortia hosted by CMO at A*STAR: 

  1. LUX Photonics Consortium (LUX) 
  2. Singapore Membranes Consortium (SG MEM) 
  3. Singapore Battery Consortium (SBC) 
  4. Singapore Health Technologies Consortium (HealthTEC.SG) 
  5. Singapore National Biofilms Consortium (SNBC) 
  6. Singapore Consortium for Synthetic Biology (SINERGY)  

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Singapore National Biofilm Consortium

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