A*STAR-EVYD Joint Lab Formation


To advance AI research for population and digital health.

IHPC-RISE collaborates on Virtual Watch Tower Network project

A*STAR's Centre for Maritime Digitalisation

Master agreement framework with industry partners to co-develop AI and other digital technologies.

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Computation is the future. We champion it to further economic growth and improve lives.

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Our People Series

Multi-disciplinary Experts under One Roof

NQCH Launch

National Quantum Computing Hub

Develop Quantum Computing Capabilities and Explore Applications through Industry Collaborations

Institute of High Performance Computing (IHPC)

A*STAR Institute of High Performance Computing (IHPC) was established in August 1998 to provide leadership in computational modelling, simulation and AI to solve major scientific, industrial and societal challenges. It seeks to promote and spearhead scientific advances and technological innovations through multidisciplinary R&D, and to develop impactful applications to further economic growth and improve lives. 
Our research focuses are in computing science and AI; large scale complex systems modelling; social and cognitive computing; computational engineering mechanics, fluidic dynamics, electronics and photonics, materials science and chemistry. These core capabilities enable IHPC to tackle real-world challenges in physical and human systems, such as in manufacturing, energy, transportation and urban systems, environmental sustainability and healthcare. 

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