IHPC25 Anniversary

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For a quarter of a century, Institute of High Performance Computing (IHPC) has stood as A*STAR’s leading research institute for artificial intelligence, computational modelling, and simulation (AIMS). By uniting diverse expertise, we facilitate the connection between businesses and scientific research by harnessing the power of complex simulations, high-fidelity AI hybrids, and integrating social sciences with computational techniques.
Join us in celebrating this milestone as we reflect on our journey and draw inspiration from the endless possibilities that lie ahead.

Best Wishes from our Former Executive Directors
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Prof Lam Khin Yong, Founding ED, IHPC
Prof Lam Khin Yong
Founding Executive Director
1998 - 2004

Prof Lee Heow Pueh, Former ED, IHPC
Prof Lee Heow Pueh
Executive Director
2004 - 2006

Prof Raj Thampuran, Former ED, IHPC
Dr Raj Thampuran
Executive Director
2006 - 2010

Prof David J Srolovitz, Former ED, IHPC
Prof David J Srolovitz
Executive Director
2010 - 2011

Prof Alfred Huan, Former ED, IHPC
Prof Alfred Huan
Executive Director
2012 - 2018

Prof Lim Keng Hui, Former ED, IHPC
Prof Lim Keng Hui
Executive Director
2018 - 2022

Watch the IHPC25 Anniversary video - "Towards the Future" now.