Environmental & Food Sustainability

Background / Motivation

IHPC aims to address national and industry needs in modelling and simulation to develop urban solutions and digital solutions for the benefit of the residents in Singapore and beyond. Working closely with both the A*STAR Urban and Green Technology, and Agritech and Aquaculture Horizontal Technology Programme Office, IHPC’s research contributes towards National agendas, such as climate adaption & resiliency for buildings, infrastructure and transportation, improvement in energy efficiency of buildings, Singapore Green Plan 2030 and production of 30% of Singapore nutritional needs locally by 2030


A snapshot below illustrates IHPC’s research and development efforts (non-exhaustive) and many in partnership with other A*STAR’s Research Institutes, Government Agencies, Local Enterprises and Start-ups, in these four research areas are:

Environmental & Food Sustainability Overview


Integrated Environmental Modeller (IEM)

Energy Efficiency Improvement for Green Data Centre

Interactive Platform for High Precision and Sustainable Farms

Collaboration Opportunities 

IHPC is pleased to leverage on our expertise in modelling and simulations to collaborate with the built environment, agritech and aquatech industry and universities to tackle the grand challenges in the respective industrial sectors and contribute towards Singapore Green Plan 2030 and “30 by 30” vision to produce 30% of Singapore’s nutritional needs by 2030.

For more info or collaboration opportunities, please write to enquiry@ihpc.a-star.edu.sg