Visualising Environmental Factors to Optimise Urban Space Design

A team comprising of researchers from A*STAR’s Institute of High Performance Computing (IHPC), I2R and engineers from HDB have developed a modelling tool that optimises the design of urban spaces for improved liveability. The Integrated Environmental Modeller (IEM) more is an advanced urban-planning tool that creates high-resolution 3D models of urban environments — to demonstrate how environmental factors such as solar irradiance, air temperature, wind and noise affect an urban setting.

IEM Highlights

  • First-ever 3D wind-flow simulation that included all buildings in Singapore at a 10-metre resolution
  • Garnered prestigious awards such as the President’s Technology Award, the ASEAN Outstanding Engineering Achievement Award and the Minister for National Development’s R&D Merit Award

Tengah Town

IEM proved instrumental in the urban design plan for Tengah town, as it helped HDB’s planners, architects and engineers analyse key wind channels and the solar heat gained by different urban features, such as concrete and vegetation. IEM helped the team to design open spaces as well as optimise the building layouts and orientation to promote natural ventilation within the town.

HDB IEM solar copyHDB IEM wind copy
Islandwide simulation — wind and solar irradiance