Mr Philip Lim

A*STAR Philip Lim
Chief Executive Officer
Accelerate Technologies Pte Ltd

Chief Risk Officer

Mr Lim is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Accelerate Technologies Pte Ltd (A*ccelerate), which manages all A*STAR intellectual properties through to commercialisation. He is concurrently the Chief Risk Officer (CRO) of A*STAR since 1 April 2020, and oversees the development, implementation and regular review of the A*STAR Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) framework within the organisation.

Mr Lim has led A*ccelerate in performance outcomes that exceeded world benchmarks, especially in licensing agreements and spinoffs formed. He was also instrumental in introducing several innovation and productisation initiatives such as the Diagnostics Development Hub and the A*StartCentral. These brought new impact to the innovation and enterprise ecosystem.

Under his leadership, A*ccelerate concluded over 2,000 license agreements mostly with local companies. A*STAR’s spinoffs have raised over S$400m collectively. A*ccelerate also saw a good network of collaborators in Venture Co-Creation of startups at the pre-seed stage which attracted over S$150m of private funds. Gearing towards impact, he guided A*ccelerate’s strategic mission towards that of productisation, where the division saw over S$300m in commercial revenues generated by A*STAR licensees.

Mr Lim is also a Board member of CommonTown Pte Ltd.

Mr Lim spent 20 years with the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF). In his last appointment as Brigadier General/Head Joint Logistics, he was the leading senior specialist on logistics and engineering matters to the Chief of Defence Force. Prior to this, he was Chief of Logistics in the Army, where he led the operations and development of Army logistics, engineering and maintenance functions.

In recognition of his significant contributions to the SAF, Mr Lim was awarded the Commendation Medal (Military) in 1995 and the Public Administration Medal, Silver (Military) in 2004.

Mr Lim received his MBA from the National University of Singapore in 2008 and was awarded the Chua Joon Eng Gold Medal for academic excellence. He also holds a Master of Science from Cranfield Institute of Technology in the UK.

Mr Lim graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering (Hons) from the National University of Singapore.