Faster Time to Market

Simplified Licensing 

Simplified Licensing helps SMEs by standardizing and simplifying licensing agreements for better clarity with business-friendly terms and faster deal closure to accelerate time-to-market. 

Licensing agreements are now much shorter and drafted using simpler language. This allows both parties (A*STAR and SMEs) to focus the discussion on the transfer of the technology rather than the contract. 

Under this Simplified Licensing initiative, there are 2 options: 

  • A*STAR has generated a portfolio of technology solutions that are ready for immediate adoption and SMEs can license them through our express licensing process, with no negotiation needed. A simple 2-3 page license agreement with standard terms is all that is needed to be executed.
  • For licensing of technologies that require further development and customization into products/services, the licensing agreement has also been simplified to 3-5 pages compared to the previous 15-17 pages, with improved clarity and licensing terms made friendly to our local SMEs, such as the removal of the indemnity clause.


SMEs that enter into a Research Collaboration Agreement (RCA) with A*STAR can now enjoy royalty-free and exclusive licenses of IP developed, for the first 36 months, an extension of an additional 18 months. This extension was offered after taking into consideration feedback from the industry and past Headstart licensees.  Past Headstart licensees are also automatically offered this extension.

The exclusive use of the IP can be further extended at business-friendly terms through A*ccelerate Technologies Pte Ltd (A*ccelerate), A*STAR’s technology transfer arm. SMEs will not need to participate in prolonged negotiations at this point as the terms will be fixed, based on industry sector.

This scheme is applicable to all SMEs that enter into a RCA with A*STAR. Once there is any form of intellectual property generated from the RCAs, Headstart will take effect.

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