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Tech Depot

Drive the next level of business growth with Tech Depot: a centralised platform of digital and technological solutions for SMEs. Select and adopt the right solutions from a wide range of industries and business functions to enhance your productivity and grow your business.

Case Studies


Enhanced business growth with a revenue increase of 45% over the last five years.


Tunity Technologies

Tunity Technologies
Completed over 50 projects worth more than half a million in revenue since 2014.


A*STAR Intellectual Property

A*STAR Intellectual Property

Apart from the technological solutions offered under the Tech Depot, A*STAR also provides over 1,200 patent families or technologies for enterprises to consider.

If your company is interested in adopting these technologies, you can acquire the rights through a technology licensing agreement. There are two types of licenses that can be granted – exclusive and non-exclusive licenses.

A non-exclusive license allows the IP rights to be used by more than one licensee whereas an exclusive license is a license limited to a specific field of use.

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Schemes to Speed up Your Milestones

Schemes to Speed up Your Milestones

Simplified Licensing

Simplified Licensing offers standardised and abridged agreements that will speed up your time-to-market and streamline the closure process.

The Headstart Programme

Under the Headstart programme, you may enjoy royalty-free, exclusive licenses for 36 months when your company enters into a Research Collaboration Agreement (RCA) with A*STAR.

Gap Funding

Through its commercialisation arm A*ccelerate, A*STAR will work with private enterprises to identify new technology areas that are at an early development stage but have the potential to become commercially ready. Gap funding might be provided to accelerate the development of these A*STAR technologies, if the following criteria are fulfilled:

Potential licensees taking up A*STAR technologies.

These A*STAR technologies will require further research and/or development to be commercially ready.

Potential licensees who are willing to co-develop with A*ccelerate and research institutes

Case Studies

ACM Biolabs

As a scientist, you have a something you think is great, but you have no idea what business means. It was a great help when A*ccelerate gap-funded our project for 18 months to validate our idea commercially, and take it from a research concept to the product stage.

Dr Madhavan Nallani
Founder and chief executive of ACM Biolabs

Dr Astrid Irwanto

As our leprosy pilot study is a non-profit project trying to reach out to impoverished populations, it was important that we keep the costs down. A*ccelerate provided gap funding which financed most of the costs that was required for the validation study of the larger drug response panel. These initiatives went a long way in keeping costs down.

Dr Astrid Irwanto,
an innovation fellow at the
Genome Institute of Singapore (GIS)
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