Good technology should be transferred to industry for real applications that can benefit society. At the same time, technological innovation can be a powerful competitive strategy for enterprises looking to future-proof their businesses.

A*ccelerate (previously known as ETPL), the commercialisation arm of A*STAR, bridges the gap between research and market through:

By working closely with scientists and industry players, our officers understand the needs of your business and facilitate the development of promising technologies that enable you to harness the potential of new innovations.

With a portfolio of over 1,200 patent families resulting from A*STAR research and having granted over 1,000 licenses – mostly to local companies – for A*STAR technologies, A*ccelerate is a one-stop open innovation resource for local enterprises seeking growth through technological innovation.

Work with us to:
  • Benefit from access to innovative technologies and cross-disciplinary research expertise
  • Save costs by leveraging public-sector R&D
  • Lower your R&D investment risks
  • Co-develop new products and services

By bringing technologies from the lab into the marketplace, A*ccelerate supports A*STAR in building a research ecosystem that benefits businesses, the industry and the economy.


Find out how you can boost your business – visit A*ccelerate website. Alternatively, find out how you can license A*STAR technologies – visit here or email