Manufacturing is a major pillar of Singapore’s economy, contributing approximately 20 per cent of GDP. Today, Singapore’s manufacturing sector has moved into high value-added verticals, such as aerospace, oil & gas, and complex equipment manufacturing.

In the Marine & Offshore sector, Singapore has attained global leadership in high-specification jack-up rigs manufacturing and Floating, Production, Storage and Offloading vessels conversion. We are building upon our strengths in production and engineering, developing new knowledge and innovation capabilities to take Singapore’s M&O industry to the next level. Through our continued and strategic investments in R&D, we are addressing the challenges of offshore oil & gas exploration and production.


A*STAR has launched a Future of Manufacturing (FoM) initiative with EDB and SPRING. Our vision is to develop Singapore as a global leading manufacturing hub, where there is a vibrant presence of high-value manufacturing and innovation-related activities. A*STAR could play a part to develop the following:

  • Factories-of-the-Future, which leverage digital manufacturing technologies such as additive manufacturing and robotics to make high-value products and deliver high-quality service
  • Control towers in which companies use digital technologies to sense and coordinate their production, logistics and supply chain activities, providing high-value services to end-customers
  • A*STAR has launched a number of Thematic R&D programmes including Industrial Additive Manufacturing and Industrial Robotics to build capabilities for the Future of Manufacturing initiative. Centres for Additive Manufacturing and Remanufacturing have also been set up. For more information, please see here.


Despite not endowed with oil and natural gas resources, Singapore leads the global market for oil and gas drilling units and offshore support vessels. Singapore commands 70 per cent of the world market for both jack-up rigs, and for the conversion of Floating Production Storage Offloading units.

A*STAR, together with relevant government entities, has and is driving several initiatives to address future technological challenges and shift Singapore’s industry towards more sustainable, higher value-added activities in design and engineering:

  • Deepwater Technologies

    Launched in May 2014 through the Singapore Maritime Institute (SMI), the programme in Deepwater Technologies seeks to address industry challenges in oil and gas exploration and operations in deep waters. To facilitate this, A*STAR Research institutes (RIs) and Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs) work closely together with industry partners.

  • Technology Centre for Offshore and Marine Singapore Limited (TCOMS)

    A*STAR has been investing in R&D capabilities and infrastructure to position Singapore as a global knowledge and innovation hub in the Marine & Offshore sector. TCOMS, a joint venture between A*STAR and NUS, is set up to spur research excellence and advance Singapore’s Marine & Offshore Engineering industry. An anchor research facility of TCOMS is a next generation Deepwater Ocean Basin, that is equipped with state-of-the art wave and current generation systems capable of simulating harsh ocean environments, including those in ultra-deep waters. The Ocean Basin will be supported by other facilities and capabilities such as numerical modelling & simulation as well as smart sensing and data analytics, to provide better understanding of offshore systems in harsh environments.


  • SIMTech

    Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology (SIMTech)’s research capabilities in automation, system and process technologies have made a significant impact on Singapore’s manufacturing sector. The institute works closely with SMEs and MNCs through collaborative projects, tech licensing and the Growing Enterprises through the Technology Upgrade (GET-Up) Programme.

  • ARTC
  • The Advanced Remanufacturing and Technology Centre (ARTC) is the first of its kind in the region. Located in CleanTech Park 2 (CT2), ARTC brings together industry partners with a focus on three technology themes:

    • Repair and Restoration
    • Surface Enhancement
    • Product Verification

    Collaborations are conducted through a consortium, whose members have grown rapidly from 10 to 20 in less than two years. Today, ARTC has more than 30 industry members which include both MNCs and SMEs from a spectrum of industry sectors. These companies include Rolls Royce, IHI, SKF, Siemens, ABB and 3M, TruMarine, JPT Electronics and Alphasonics.


Lloyd’s Register has established a world-class Group Technology Centre (GTC) in Singapore to deliver innovation and solutions to the energy and maritime sectors. They have reached an agreement with A*STAR to collaborate on R&D projects as a key part of the centre’s activities.

“Our investment in the new Lloyd's Register Group Technology Centre in Singapore, with the agreement with A*STAR, represents a shared vision to create a long-term centre of excellence for technology, innovation and research that will benefit Singapore, industry and society at large. It underlines our global commitment to understanding the sciences and technologies that help to ensure that people are safe and that essential assets perform as required.”

Richard Sadler, Chief Executive Officer of Lloyd’s Register


ARTC provides a collaborative platform that connects public sector research laboratories, academia and industry players from MNCs and SMEs to bridge technological gaps in the adoption of advanced remanufacturing processes. It also works with NTU to develop a strong talent pipeline to support the shift towards eco-friendly production processes and techniques. Specifically, ARTC aims to boost the adoption of remanufacturing in the aerospace, oil and gas, marine, energy, automotive and engineering industries. This effort towards spurring sustainable production has been met with strong support from the industry.

“We have been in partnership with ARTC since 2014. To transform traditional ways of cleaning to the green way in the manufacturing industry is never easy. Cost and human habits are often the obstacles hindering the adoption of green manufacturing methods. After joining the ARTC membership programme, our company has received opportunities for growth and advancement.”

Mr Ken Teng, Director, AmpTec Industrial Heating Pte Ltd

“Rolls-Royce has played an instrumental role in the development of the ARTC and we are delighted to be celebrating its opening today. Our close involvement in the ARTC is an integral part of our strategy to establish a global network of Advanced Manufacturing Research Centres. These centres operate a novel model of academic and industrial collaboration that is designed to accelerate the transfer of innovation from early university research to successful exploitation in industry. I have no doubt therefore that this environment of cross-sector knowhow and team spirit will enable the ARTC to establish itself as a world-leading centre of excellence in manufacturing processes, systems and technology.”

Dr Hamid Mughal, Director of Global Manufacturing, Rolls-Royce PLC