Partnering with Local & International Authorities

Partnering with Local & International Authorities

The emphasis on food safety and security in Singapore has gotten more profound over the years, especially with increasingly diversified sources of consumer goods imports. Through its close ties with local and international authorities, such as the Singapore Food Agency (SFA), A*STAR IFCS Programme is working towards building new 21st century risk assessment frameworks to enhance the safety of consumers through sound and sustainable science, and to establish Singapore as the preferred hub in Asia for companies to innovate and launch safe products for regional and global markets. In doing so, we aim to promote acceptance and validate non-animal alternative safety tests which can be applied to safety & efficacy tests across industries.

Supporting Singapore's Industry

Supporting Singapore's Industry

The A*STAR IFCS Programme supports and strengthens its linkage with the industry through research collaborations, offering expert advice and sharing of data/knowledge. A key objective of the Programme is the development of innovative testing strategies for novel ingredients. We are particularly interested in partnering to develop methods that can be rapidly accepted and implemented within industry safety programmes and support regulatory decision making.

Working with Singapore's IHLs

Working with Singapore's IHLs

A*STAR IFCS Programme is dedicated to facilitating academic development programmes with Institutions of Higher Learning (IHLs) like Nanyang Technological University (NTU) to educate a new generation of forward-looking regulatory professionals and scientists.

What Our Collaborators Say


EH 1x1

With increasing consumer demand for ingredient and product information - as well growing concerns about food and consumer product safety - the need for high quality scientific data is more important than ever. As part of Singapore’s prestigious A*STAR, the IFCS Programme is in a unique position to develop novel tools needed to generate reliable safety data. Through its collaborative framework, those tools can be optimized and used throughout the international scientific community for industrial and regulatory decision making.



RT 1x1

We are excited to combine our computational and toxicological expertise with the worldclass biomedical research capabilities of A*STAR. Through our collaborations, we hope to develop more efficient and economical ways to evaluate the potential health effects of chemicals that can be used by both industry and government agencies.



Dr. Karen Blackburn

P&G has had a very productive relationship with A*STAR. A*STAR has world class facilities and experts that have complemented our internal capabilities and enhanced our ability to expand into and progress important new areas of science (e.g. in silico prediction of protein allergenicity).




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