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21 June 2001

For Immediate Release


A New Name To Better Reflect Its Role as a Research Institute

Singapore, 21 June 2001 - Singapore Genomics Program (SGP), the flagship public sector research programme of Singapore's Biomedical Sciences Initiative, will be renamed as the Genome Institute of Singapore (GIS) to better reflect its role as a research institute with effect from 21 June 2001. The new corporate website - - will reflect the new name.

2. GIS will continue the efforts of the former SGP launched in June 2000. It will provide a focal point where multidisciplinary research involving clinicians, scientists, engineers and computer scientists can be carried out to study the genetic make-up of the diverse Asian population. The aim is to help develop new diagnostic methods and treatment of diseases affecting Asians to further improve public health and welfare in Asia Pacific.

3. Said Dr Edison Liu, Executive Director of GIS: " The new name, 'Genome Institute of Singapore' gives the world a better and more accurate picture of what we are doing. We will recruit up to 250 scientists, some of the best brains from all over the world - biomedical scientists, clinical investigators and computer scientists - to collaborate on genomic research here at the institute. By establishing a critical mass of highly-skilled research expertise, we hope to establish a world-class research hub in human genomics in this part of the world."

5. Added Mr Philip Yeo, Chairman of NSTB: "We are confident that under the leadership of a top scientist like Ed Liu, the Genome Institute of Singapore will attract top international talent in genomics. With the combined wealth of experience, Ed Liu and his team will help Singapore achieve its vision as an international hub for biomedical sciences research."

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