Publicity Highlights

Publicity Highlights




On 18 May 2018, A*STAR shared its Year-in-Review achievements; and how the agency is driving R&D outcomes for Singapore’s economy and society by catalysing innovation and propagating the digital transformation in our key industry sectors, and helping local enterprises become more productive and competitive.

In FY2017, A*STAR engaged in over 2,100 projects with companies, a third of these with local enterprises. These projects resulted in over $340 million of R&D spending. More significantly, R&D spending by local enterprises outpaced this increase, growing by around two thirds from $61 million to $102 million.

More local companies also took up A*STAR licenses, underscoring A*STAR’s efforts to help local enterprises grow their innovation capacity and commercialise innovative products and services. 75% of over 260 A*STAR licenses were taken up by local enterprises, compared to about 60% of 235 in FY2016.

A*STAR also announced the Advanced Micro-Foundry (AMF), the first commercial micro foundry capable of high-mix low-volume manufacturing and specialising in silicon photonics, a game changer for future computing systems and advanced data centres. The new spin-off stems from A*STAR’s investment into silicon photonics R&D in the early 2000s.

For the full transcript of Chairman A*STAR’s speech, click here.

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