The Model Factory@SIMTech is an actual production environment that allows for experiential experimentation and learning of digitalisation technologies for Industry 4.0. For the Manufacturing Control TowerTM (MCTTM), the focus will be on digitalisation technologies. From a research viewpoint, the environment provides an ideal platform for the development of critical technologies such as cyber-physical-production systems (CPPS) and flexible automation across the three layers in a manufacturing environment, namely Shopfloor, Enterprise and Supply Chain. This will provide the essential platform for understanding the Sense & Response manufacturing paradigm, and the means to prototype new technologies, as a continuous learning journey for MCTTM. From an industry viewpoint, it provides a platform for companies to learn, experiment and most importantly, co-create new technologies for the next-generation factories. The next-generation manufacturing technologies will require skillsets that are multi-disciplinary in nature and require continuous learning. The Model Factory@SIMTech will be able to provide these critical learning and practice opportunities through SIMTech’s proven Learn-Practise-Implement (LPI) model before actual implementation on-site.