As the leading next-generation manufacturing technology platform to develop systems and technologies that enable the transformation of industry to achieve higher levels of productivity and value creation in Singapore, the Manufacturing Control TowerTM (MCTTM) seeks not only to develop advanced technology for manufacturing, but to also develop the necessary human capital that will enable such technologies to be employed to their maximum utility.


MCTTM provides both the cyber and physical infrastructure, and the academic link that our industry partners can leverage to increase productivity and become more competitive. The following are some of the benefits our partners from the various industry sectors can expect to see.

Precision Engineering



Marine & Offshore, Oil & Gas


General Manufacturing

Supporting Manufacturing Transformation

Improve Operational Efficiency
  • Better visibility
  • Reduced lead-time
  • Reduced inventory
Increase Operational Effectiveness
  • Better management of multiple supply chain scenarios
  • Quality & On Time Delivery Assurance
New Business Opportunities
  • Opportunity insights
  • Product & service customisation

Seeding Next-generation Resources

Create New Products & Services
  • Through Industry Joint Labs
  • Through new insights generated by MCTTM
Develop Next-generation workforce
  • Use of Model Factory@SIMTech as a didactic environment
  • Training classes


The following are some of the benefits that our academic partners can expect.

Research Institutes



Institute of Technical Education

Industry Research Labs

R&D Test-bed

With our strong ties to the industry and the Model Factory, SIMTech MCTTM is able to provide our academic partners with actual manufacturing environments as a test-bedding site for their technologies.
Bridging academia and industry
SIMTech with the MCTTM vision and mission will continue to reach out to new and innovative technologies in the research sector and assist them in bringing this technology in much needed areas in manufacturing.

Attracting Influx into Manufacturing

Create jobs in the manufacturing industry
MCTTM with its Model factory and industry engagement will create an avenue for showcasing new and advanced technologies, incentivising entry into the manufacturing industry and reinvigorating the Singapore manufacturing sector.
Enhance R&D collaboration
MCTTM with its platforms and initiative programmes will be able to provide much needed support, allowing R&D partners to tap upon our infrastructure