1.1 The Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR), Singapore and The Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology (KIAT), South Korea jointly announce the 1st Singapore-South Korea Academic-Industry (2+2) International Collaboration call for proposals.

1.2 The goal of the Call for Proposals is to promote research and development bilateral collaboration between Singapore- and Korean-based public and private institutes and organizations through joint scientific projects. Specifically, this collaboration calls for the union of 4: one Singapore-based and one Korean-based public sector research performer and representatives from one Singapore-based and one Korean-based industry partner. Against the backdrop of globalization and the Singapore government’s recent step-up to help companies stay competitive through innovation and technology adoption, this “2+2” cooperation framework could incentivize Singaporean and Korean research institutes and companies to undertake open innovation partnership and provide an additional avenue for them to internationalize.

1.3 For the 1st Singapore-South Korea Academic Industry International Collaboration joint grant call, A*STAR and KIAT would like to invite researchers based in Singapore and South Korea to submit proposals for joint research projects in the area of Medical/Bio Technology with the following focus areas:

1.3.1 Digital Healthcare
1.3.2 Customized Bio Medicine
1.3.3 Smart Medical Device
Applicants should develop ready-to-market solutions which have significant market potential for South Korea and Singapore.

1.4 Applicants are required to submit the grant proposal to both A*STAR and KIAT by 28 August 2019, 1800hrs local time.

1.4.1 Singaporean applicants should submit their joint proposals in English via the iGrants website: https://app.a-star.edu.sg/igrants/

1.4.2 Korean Applicants should submit their joint proposals in Korean and English via KIAT Project Advanced Smart System website: https://k-pass.kr

1.5 All joint proposals will be assessed and evaluated by panels appointed by A*STAR and KIAT. Up to two projects will be jointly funded through this grant call. Projects can be up to 24 months in duration.

1.5.1 For the Singapore component, a funding sum of up to SGD$450,000 per a project will be granted to Singapore-based public sector research performers. Singapore-based industry collaborators that are keen to participate will be required to self-fund.

1.5.2 KIAT shall grant a funding sum of up to KRW₩600,000,000 per a project to both the Korean-based public sector research performer and Korean-based industry collaborator collectively.

A*STAR and KIAT will provide necessary assistance to applicants during the pre-award and project-monitoring phase.



2.1 This Call for Proposals is a joint submission that must involve one public sector research performer and one industry collaborator from both Singapore and South Korea.

2.1.1 Eligible Singapore-based public sector research performers include the Institutes of Higher Learning (including universities and polytechnics), A*STAR Research Institutes, and non-defence related public sector agencies (e.g., Ministries, Statutory Boards). For applications to A*STAR, proposals must be submitted with the appropriate endorsement by the respective Host Institution (by the Chief Executive Director, Executive Director, the Director of Research or equivalent) to ensure that organizational support is clearly associated with the proposed research plan.

2.1.2 Korean companies, universities, research institutes, and medical institutions (refer to the Common Operational Regulation for Industrial Technology Innovation Programs for the definition of these terms) are eligible to apply. Korean companies in a consortium, whether as lead organisation or participating organisation, must have been in operation for one year or more since its establishment (based on Business Registration Certificate) and that has a company-affiliated research institute as of the deadline of submission.

2.2 All proposals must meet following eligibility criteria to be qualified for evaluation:

2.2.1 One public sector research performer and one industry collaborator from both Singapore and South Korea must form a consortium.

2.2.2 The participation of further research organizations and further commercial companies from both countries according to each country’s funding regulations is welcome.

2.2.3 Research organizations and commercial companies must comply with the regulations of their respective country.

2.2.4 The project partners shall name a designated main-coordinator from each country.

2.2.5 The project duration cannot be more than 2 years.

2.2.6 The project should demonstrate the contribution of the participants from both countries on an equal basis, and the project must be equally significant to all participants. Each country should have 45-55% representation in the overall project budget.

2.2.7 With the proposal, the consortium is encouraged to present a draft agreement on the Intellectual Property Rights IPR together with the proposal, in order to reduce the negotiation time after the proposal has been approved and prior to the project starting date.

2.2.8 The project proposal must be submitted to A*STAR and KIAT concurrently.

2.3 Only COMPLETE proposals will be accepted for review, evaluation and assessment for award. Proposals must attempt to fully disclose the research ideas and approaches. It is important that proposals are well crafted and provide substantial description of the research plan for a fair review of the scientific and/or technical plans and approaches. Proprietary or confidential information must be clearly indicated in the proposal. Proposals must not be duplicative or substantially similar to any previous project or proposal submission, and public sector research performers should not be represented in more than one proposal.

2.4 The proposal shall contain the following:

2.4.1 The overall detailed joint project description,

2.4.2 Details on the involvement and contribution of the performers,

2.4.3 Details on the interaction among performers of both countries,

2.4.4 Details on the funding required.

2.5 The necessary documents related to the call are available at the following sites:

2.5.1 Singapore: https://app.a-star.edu.sg/igrants/

2.5.2 Korea: http://kiat.or.kr/

Terms and Conditions

2.6 The national regulations and grants terms and conditions of each national funding country and organization (A*STAR and KIAT) shall be complied with.

Evaluation Criteria

2.7 Each project shall inter alia:

2.7.1 Implement research findings to the industry or society.

2.7.2 Apply state-of-the-art methods and advance technologies.

2.7.3 Establish a new value chain or exhibit integration into an existing value chain. Applications should specify the target market for the proposed product, process or service.

2.8 Projects should preferably provide leverage in one or more of the following means:

2.8.1 Provide access to unique and/or specialized characteristics of overseas partner country (i.e. specific scientific knowledge or technique), availability of key manpower, common interest in seeking a breakthrough in a specific field, etc.;

2.8.2 Tap on specialized capabilities of overseas partner agencies, and through this, create strategic linkages to tap on specialized capabilities in the future; and

2.8.3 Provide opportunities to learn/share/benchmark research with the international public sector research performer.

Other factors will include the level of synergy of the proposed research to the collective set of activities, the abilities of the researchers, their past performances in prior awards, comments of the referees (if required), effectiveness of project management, and appropriateness of the requested budget. Proposals with downstream applications of national defence or security and research that poses a threat to public health will not be supported.


3.1 South Korea Funding

3.1.1 The Korean dedicated budget provided by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (MOTIE) and managed by KIAT is open to all type of applications from Korean companies with registered R&D laboratories, Korean research institutes and universities.

3.1.2 Project funding consists of government contributions and civilian dues (cash and in-kind). The amount of government contributions will vary depending on the type of executing organizations and project in accordance with the Common Operational Regulations for the Industrial Technology Innovation Programs.

ClassificationShare of government contributions in executing organization’s project budget
Share of cash in executing organization’s civilian dues
Large company
33% or less
60% or more
Mid-tier company
50% or less50% or more
SME67% or less
40% or more
Others100% or lessTo be borne if necessary

3.1.3 Korean-based industry partner’s share of the grant must be 50% or more.

3.2 Singapore Funding

3.2.1 The Singaporean budget administered by A*STAR is open to all public sector research performers in Singapore as defined in Para 2.1.1.

3.2.2 Since A*STAR can only fund public sector research performers, Singapore-based industry collaborators who elect to participate will be required to self-fund.


4.1 All joint proposals will be assessed and evaluated by panels appointed by the respective implementing agencies from Singapore and South Korea. These panels will review and recommend complete proposals for the award. Project proposals with clear strategies for implementing research findings to industry or society would be preferred.

4.2 The implementing agencies (A*STAR and KIAT) may seek additional information to justify, elaborate or clarify aspects of the research approach described in the proposal during the review process.

4.3 Notification of awarded projects will be sent to:

4.3.1 Singapore – Respective employing organizations and copied to other research partners

4.3.2 Korea – Principal Investigators and, if required, copied to other research partners


5.1 A formal Research Collaboration Agreement (RCA) between the collaborating parties from Singapore and South Korea would need to be signed and forwarded to A*STAR and KIAT not later than two (2) months after the Letter of Award of the project has been issued. Permission from A*STAR and KIAT must be sought in advance if an extension is required for the completion of the RCA.

5.2 The RCA will:

5.2.1 Specify roles and tasks to be undertaken by each party within the cooperation; and

5.2.2 State the sharing and ownership of relevant IP and commercialization rights brought to and resulting from this cooperation.


6.1 Each awarded project will be evaluated and assessed for progress to ensure that proposed milestones and deliverables can be achieved. Successful grant applicants will be required to submit an annual progress report and a final report upon project completion to the review panel comprising scientific experts appointed by A*STAR and KIAT. Presentations and public seminars may also form part of the progress review of a project


7.1 This Call for Proposal opens 28 June 2019.

7.2 Deadline for submission is 28 August 2019, 1800hrs local time.

7.3 Indicative timeline of grant call activities are as follows:

Indicative Timeline

Launch of call
28 June 2019
Deadline for submission
28 August 2019
Evaluation of proposals
September 2019
Consensus Meeting
October 2019
Communication of the results
October 2019
Start of projects
December 2019