STDR 2020 Events

Announcement on STDR Lunchtime Talk on 6 April

Due to recent changes in the COVID-19 situation, the STDR 2020 Lunchtime Talk on April 6 2020 has been conducted via pre-recorded webcast instead of a physical event. This is not a live-stream, interested applicants may watch the videos at their own leisure.

The videos can be accessed via this playlist on YouTube:

Questions for speakers or the secretariat may be raised in the comments section of the videos or by emailing the secretariat (contact information in Section 7 below). 

Announcement on STDR Symposium on 12 May

Please note that the STDR Symposium previous scheduled for 12 May 2020 has been cancelled due to the extended circuit breaker measures.


The Singapore Therapeutics Development Review (STDR), jointly organized by the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR), National Health Innovation Centre (NHIC) and Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology (SMART), aims to identify potential high-value drug discovery and development projects from the research community in Singapore, to render the right support and guidance to progress promising projects, and to build a sustainable pipeline of drug discovery and development projects that is aligned to Singapore’s strategic interests.


Max. funding quantum           Up to S$750k per project (including indirect costs) over a maximum of 3 years. To obtain the full funding amount of S$750k, applications must be led by at least 1 Principal Investigator (PI) that fulfils the definition of Clinical PI as described in the Eligibility Criteria. Proposals that do not have participation of Clinical PIs are eligible for a maximum of S$500k funding. Applicants are advised to budget their projects prudently. 
What can be funded    EOM, OOE, EQPT and Overseas Travel. PI EOM is not fundable.


Applicants are required to fulfill the following criteria at the point of application:

            For applications without a Clinical PI, a maximum of one Technical PI is allowed per application. 

For applications with a Clinical PI, a maximum of one Technical PI and one Clinical PI is allowed per application.

Applicants applying as the Technical PI must be employed by a public-funded institution in Singapore (e.g. NUS, NTU, SUTD, SIT, SIM, SMU, A*STAR Institutions, Polytechnics, CREATE Institutions, SGH, DUKE-NUS, NUH and etc.). 

Applicants applying as the Clinical PI must hold a primary appointment in a public healthcare institution or academic medical school in Singapore and be salaried by the institution. 

Applicants who fulfil the criteria of Clinical PI are also eligible to apply as the Technical PI.

PIs must have the relevant scientific/technical background and possess necessary experience to direct the project being supported by the grant.

Past funding received    Prior award of Target Translation Consortium (TTC) funding is neither a preclusion nor a requirement for application to the STDR.


Stage 1: Letter of Intent 
 Launch of LOI 3 April 2020
 Deadline for Submission of LOI on iGrants 25 May 2020
 Notification of LOI Shortlisting Outcome 30 June 2020
 Stage 2: Full Proposal (For shortlisted applicants only)
 Consultation Sessions*#  6-10 July 2020
 Deadline for Submission of Full Proposal 24 July 2020
 Consultation Sessions# (optional) 10-14 Aug 2020
 Deadline for Submission of Revised Full Proposal 25 Sept 2020
 Presentation to Review Panel* 18 Nov 2020
 Award Nov-Dec 2020
Applicants who are shortlisted for full proposal submission must ensure they are available to attend all meetings marked (*) above. 

#Consultation sessions will be arranged for shortlisted applicants to consult with external consultants before submitting their full proposal. 


Only complete applications submitted on iGrants by the deadline will be accepted. Applicants are advised to submit their applications early in the event of technical errors with the iGrants website.

Applications must be fully endorsed by the Clinical PI and/or the Technical PI, PIs’ respective Technology Transfer Offices (TTOs) and Directors of Research (DORs ).


1. Applicants are required to submit LOI applications via the iGrants website: by 25 May 2020, 11.59pm (Singapore time). 

2. For first time users:

a. Under the Landing page, click on the Create New Account Link.
b. Fill in the relevant information.
c. Under Account Type, select “I will be submitting/supporting proposal”.
d. The Primary Email will be your login id to iGrants. Please use official A*STAR email address.
e. Take note of the password requirements:
Password must contain 12-20 characters and at least:
1 uppercase character
1 lowercase character
1 number
1 special character

f. Click Submit to register the account with iGrants.
g. Upon successful registration, iGrants will send a notification e-mail to the primary e-mail address.

3. For existing users:
a. Log in using your existing username and password.  If you’ve forgotten this, click on Forget Password on the Landing page.
b. If you are not able to login, this could be because your account has been locked due to inactivity. Please contact your HI Admin to unlock your account. 
c. Click the Login button. On successful authentication, iGrants will display the Dashboard screen.

4. To submit an LOI application on iGrants portal: 
a. On the Dashboard page of the iGrants portal, under the Create tab, click “Proposal”.
b. iGrants will display a list of Grant Calls that are currently open. From the list of Grant Calls, click on the “Apply” link for the “Singapore Therapeutics Development Review 2020 – Call for LOI”.
c. Please only enter the required information into mandatory sections. For all other sections, it will suffice to attach the LOI Application Form (in pdf format). 
d. Click on the Submit button to submit the LOI. Please note that once submitted, the application will go directly to the grant secretariat. Endorsement by HI DOR and HI ORE/TTO should be completed on the application form. The application will not be routed to HI ORE and HI DOR on the system. 
e. If any mandatory fields have not been filled, the system will reject the proposal and alert the user to errors and/or missing information. Once these errors have been rectified, the user should be able to submit the proposal.
f. Once a proposal has been submitted successfully, the system will return the Submitter to his/her dashboard.

5. For more detailed instructions on how to submit an application, please refer to the user guide “iGrants Grant Application User Guide (External) Ver2.1” by clicking on the User Guides link on the iGrants Landing page.


  1. STDR 2020 Information Sheet
  2. ASTAR Grants Terms and Conditions 2020
  3. ASTAR Guidelines to Managing Grants 2020
  4. STDR 2020 Letter of Intent Application Form

Please direct further queries on iGrants to: <>  

STDR 2020 Secretariat:
Dr Shalini D/O Suku Maran (A*STAR) <>
Dr Chan Shu Ann (NHIC) <>
Ms Candy Eevie Yeo (SMART) <>