The Engineering Cluster promotes R&D and innovation to support four major sectors namely Precision Engineering, Marine & Offshore, Aerospace and Logistics & Supply Chain Management. These cover a wide spectrum of capabilities within the local research community involving high value manufacturing, automation and robotics, material processing, computational modelling and metrology.



Additive Manufacturing
A*STAR is home to a comprehensive suite of Additive Manufacturing (AM) capabilities, spanning design and software, materials, process, post-processing, and equipment. A*STAR’s strengths in AM lie in its ability to pull together these multidisciplinary capabilities across Research Institutes for meaningful programmes and projects, and is focused on the manufacturing of high value industrial components.

Industrial Additive Manufacturing Facility
To establish Singapore’s leadership in the emerging area of Industrial Additive Manufacturing, A*STAR has partnered with EDB to set up an Industrial Additive Manufacturing Facility (IAMF). IAMF is one of the facilities under Tech Access and houses a range of state-of-the-art AM equipment to support and grow AM technologies-based manufacturing activities. Through IAMF, companies may identify opportunities to leverage AM technologies to improve their production processes and operations.

A*STAR’s robotics efforts are aligned to the aims of the National Robotics Programme (NRP) by supporting public and private sector needs through R&D projects focusing on aerospace and M&O sectors, autonomous vehicles, and security. Through close partnership with public sector agencies and industry partners, A*STAR have developed capabilities in mobility, manipulation, human robot collaboration, perception, mechatronics actuation & system, intelligence, learning & adaptation. One example is the Robot Operating System Industrial (ROS-I) Consortium Asia Pacific, which aims to assist the manufacturing sector in optimization of production line with incorporation of advanced ROS capabilities.



The Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology (SIMTech) and the Advanced Remanufacturing & Technology Centre (ARTC) are two pillars in advanced manufacturing technologies in A*STAR. 
SIMTech develops high value manufacturing technology and human capital to enhance the competitiveness of Singapore’s manufacturing industry. 

ARTC was launched to develop capabilities in sustainable manufacturing processes. A platform for industry partners to collaborate, ARTC is the first of its kind in the region, bringing members together as a consortium to apply digital manufacturing and other technologies for remanufacturing.



TCOMS has been set up by A*STAR, NUS, and EDB to support academic R&D in the M&O sector. The Centre includes a deepwater ocean basin, a numerical simulation laboratory, a smart sensing and data analytics laboratory, as well as other laboratories to support the design and innovation of next-generation M&O structures, systems and vessels.


The Singapore Aerospace Programme (SAP) is a flagship effort in Singapore to strengthen and grow the value chain in key segments of the Singapore aerospace industry. Operating as a consortium, the SAP aims to anchor research activities of aerospace industry partners in Singapore by leveraging the wide spectrum of capabilities across A*STAR Science and Engineering Research Council (SERC), Research Institutes as well as partners in Singapore’s institutes of higher learning.


A*STAR Digital Manufacturing activities aim to strengthen R&D capabilities to develop technologies that connect the shop floor, supplier and customer through a digital thread, enabling on-demand manufacturing and mass customization. Such technologies can be testbedded at the A*STAR Model Factory, a platform where the ecosystem of research performers, end users, technology providers and system integrators can co-innovate, test and demonstrate their technologies.