In A*STAR, we perform foundational and applied research in a wide spectrum of Infocomm technologies including:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Science;
  • Digital Trust (Blockchain and Privacy Preservation Technologies);
  • Cybersecurity;
  • Modelling & Simulation / Digital Twinning; and
  • Communications and Internet-of-Things

Tech Applications and Partnerships

Many of our innovations have been successfully deployed as products and integrated into services of our partner companies and government agencies. For example, our automatic Speech Transcription System is helping the State Courts of Singapore to produce transcripts of court proceedings in real-time and our Machine Translation Engine is automatically translating official government communications to the public in Singapore.


We are also partnering local start-ups to deepen their capabilities. For example, we are collaborating with SIIX-AGT, a local start-up, in the development of indoor navigation for its service robots that serves as security patrols.



We are continually enhancing our range of foundational AI and data science capabilities in the fields of:

  • Computer Vision;
  • Natural Language Processing;
  • Data, Image, Video and Behavioural Analytics;
  • Cognitive Systems; and
  • Robotics.

These capabilities are applied extensively to solve problems in domains including Engineering, Manufacturing, Finance, Healthcare, Security and Transportation.

More information on A*STAR's AI and Data Science capabilities.



Industrial Internet-of-Things (IIoT) refers to the use of IoT technologies to enhance manufacturing and industrial processes. Through connecting humans with devices, tools, machines, and robots, IIoT enables intelligent industrial operations using advanced data analytics to transform business outcomes. IIoT is a key enabler in A*STAR’s Future of Manufacturing (FoM) initiative and is expected to contribute to Singapore’s growth as an Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering hub in Asia.

Our IIoT Initiative is developing highly reliable industrial wireless communications, advanced data analytics, and industrial cyber-physical security for cognitive and secure IIoT systems. Many of the innovations are co-developed with industry partners and test-bedded at A*STAR’s Model Factory at Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology (SIMTech) and Advanced Remanufacturing and Technology Centre (ARTC) to support technology adoption by companies.

Our Industrial IoT Innovation (I3) Platform brings together the IIoT eco-system to co-innovate in IIoT technologies that have applications beyond the factory floor. As an open innovation platform, I3 bridges the gap between research and industry applications; brings technological solutions to the industry to improve productivity; and creates new products and business opportunities. Based on a public-private partnership model, I3 is currently working together with many companies to accelerate their adoption of various IIoT technologies.

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A*STAR is equipped with modelling and simulation capabilities in the fields of complex systems, fluid dynamics, chemistry & materials, electronics & photonics, and engineering mechanics.

In the area of complex systems, urban cities have become increasingly complex due to the rich interplay between structures and socio-economic factors. Leveraging A*STAR’s research capabilities in developing models and simulations, urban planners and policy makers are able to garner further insights that help to address issues in areas such as land use, transport, housing demand and other complex networks. An example is the Integrated Environmental Modeller (IEM) jointly developed with HDB specifically for Singapore’s high density city landscapes. The IEM is being used by urban planners to design housing and infrastructure that maximize the comfort and well-being of citizens despite climate change.