A*STAR is part of the National Robotics Programme (NRP) that was established in 2016. NRP envisions a vibrant and innovative robotics ecosystem capable of providing solutions to fuel the Smart Nation initiative and to establish Singapore as a global centre of excellence for the study, research, development, making and applications of robotics solutions. 

The National Robotics Research Programme Office of NRP is tasked to identify and develop differentiating technologies and research capabilities. These technologies and capabilities can be applied to address our national challenges such as an ageing population, and to transform our industries to be more productive. Areas of focus include Navigation & Perception, Human Robot Interaction (HRI), Assistive Robotics, Reconfigurable Robotics, and Robotics Middleware Framework. 

A*STAR’s team of research scientists and engineers can bring together different skills and capabilities across its various research institutes to work with industry on developing innovative technologies and solutions. Read about one of A*STAR’s collaborations here.

ROS-Industrial Consortium Asia Pacific is based in Singapore and managed by A*STAR’s Advanced Remanufacturing and Technology Centre (ARTC). The consortium works on next generation robotic products and solutions, and help support Asia Pacific’s robotics industry and community with workshops, events and training related to ROS. Read more.

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