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SGUnited Skills (SGUS) Programme

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What is the SGUnited Skills (SGUS) Programme?

The SGUnited Skills (SGUS) Programme which opens for unemployed or retrenched Singaporeans and Permanent Residents is a full-time Train & Place programme of 6 to 9-month duration. Trainees will also receive a training allowance of $1,200 per month for the duration of the programme to cover basic subsistence expenses.

Applications for the SGUS courses are ongoing and each new intake may only commence upon receiving sufficient registrations to form a class!

Important information:
  • In order to provide opportunities for as many Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents as possible, individuals can only enrol in a SGUnited Skills Programme ONCE.
  • All information published at SIMTech's website, social medias, webinars or collateral about its courses is correct at time of publication and subject to change.

Programme Structure



Watch our series of SGUS Course Briefings to understand more about each specialisation.

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Additive Manufacturing

"The lessons are well structured and delivered with hands-on lab practice to enhance our understanding. We have regular class tests with a lot of guidance the minute we show that we are unsure. I have only positives for my learning journey.

Thank you, SGUS! Thank you, SIMTech!"

Mr Steven Lim,
Trainee from SGUS for Additive Manufacturing

Nerve Centre

“Dr Wang is a humble, patient, encouraging, and committed tutor. While imparting inventory planning skills and knowledge to us, his learn-it-all attitude impressed upon me as a role model for learning and excelling in study and in life. My takeaway from him far exceeds the course objective of Inventory Planning.

Thank you Dr Wang.”

Ms Veronica Chiu,
Trainee from SGUS for Digital Transformation & Innovation™


“An exciting learning journey together with SIMTech’s scientists, their unique practical ‘hands-on’ online sessions as well as training at their SMART Model Factory using their patented Digital Transformation & Innovation™ (DTI™) methodology”

Mr David Ong,
Trainee from SGUS for Digital Transformation & Innovation™


"Being a NHB-nominated Intangible Culture Heritage person, with my expertise on musical instruments fabrication & acoustics design, I am delighted to say the SGUS course is useful for me. I could learn something about the concept of manufacturing, improve my productivity and business management skills.

Although I am already over 60 years old, but the Government always encourage us to never stop learning new things, this would increase our chances of being re-employed, and also find more reliable judgment in our future. Thanks to SGUS."

Mr Ng Teck Seng,
Trainee from SGUS for Digital Transformation & Innovation™

For Trainees

Benefits for Trainees
Subsidised Fees for SGUS Programme

For Employers

Benefits for Participating Employers


icon_SGUS Additive Manufacturing
  • The next intake for the SGUS for Additive Manufacturing course is commencing in early 2022!

Registration, Download Brochure and FAQs

Join as SGUS Trainee Download SGUS Brochure SGUS Programme FAQs


SGUS Specialisation Skills Course Reference Number
New Cohort's Expected
Commencement Period
  • Additive Manufacturing 
Q1 Yr2022
  • Advanced Instrumentation and Quality Control through Digitalisation
TGS-2021009131Q4 Yr2021 
  • Advanced Welding Technologies Robotised Processes
Q4 Yr2021
  • Data-driven Surface Engineering with Process Digitalisation
TGS-2020508867Q4 Yr2021
  • Digital Transformation and Innovation™
TGS-2020508865Q4 Yr2021
  • Industrial Automation
Nov 2021
  • MedTech Product Manufacturing
1 Nov 2021
  •  Operation Management and Innovation (OMI)
TGS-2020508866 Q1 Yr2022 
  • Smart Machining and Digitalisation
TGS-2020508869Q4 Yr2021

Important notes:

  • Each new cohort may only commence when there are a minimum number of trainees to form a class.
  • SIMTech reserves the right to make changes to the programme without prior notice to the trainees.
  • To enroll as a SIMTech's SGUS trainee, please submit your online registration here.


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