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Model Factory @ SIMTech


*Model Factory@SIMTech is a separate initiative from the recently announced Innovation Factory.

The Model Factory@SIMTech features an actual production environment that allows for experiential experimentation and learning of digitalisation technologies for Industry 4.0. Model Factory@SIMTech is part of the Manufacturing Control TowerTM (MCTTM) program, which the focus will be on digitalisation technologies.

From a research viewpoint, the environment provides an ideal platform for the development of critical technologies such as Cyber-Physical Production Systems (CPPS) and flexible automation across the three layers in a manufacturing environment, namely Shopfloor, Enterprise and Supply Chain. This will provide the essential platform for understanding the Sense & Response manufacturing paradigm, and the means to prototype new technologies, as a continuous learning journey for MCTTM.

From an industry viewpoint, it provides a platform for companies to learn, experiment and most importantly, co-create new technologies for the next-generation factories. The next-generation manufacturing technologies will require skill sets that are multi-disciplinary in nature and require continuous learning. The Model Factory@SIMTech will be able to provide these critical learning and practice opportunities through SIMTech’s proven Learn-Practise-Implement (LPI) model before actual implementation on-site.


Self-guided Virtual Tour of Model Factory@SIMTech

In-lieu of COVID-19, SIMTech has prepared a 360º self-guided interactive virtual tour of Model Factory@SIMTech. The virtual tour consists of interactive buttons and information, in the form of videos, PowerPoint shows and website links. Do give our virtual tour a try and explore at your own pace.

*Do note that the virtual tour is not supported by Internet Explorer (IE). Please use recommended browsers - Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge.



Fully-connected Production Line

Cyber-Physical Production System (CPPS) Environment

Immersive Learning Environment

Digital Transformation Journey