A*STAR Computing and Information Science (ACIS) Scholarship

ACIS- Nguyen Xuan Phi

The A*STAR Computing and Information Science (ACIS) Scholarship aims to attract and nurture top talents who wish to pursue a PhD in computing and information science (CIS) disciplines, opening the gateway to exciting careers in A*STAR, industry R&D labs, technology enterprises, spin-off companies and academia.

Scholars in the programme will be exposed to boundless opportunities to research on real-world issues across the whole spectrum of computing science, from deep learning for healthcare, data analytics for improved machine learning, to modelling and simulation for advanced applications.

A monthly stipend will be provided to scholars, in addition to up to four years of funding for your PhD studies at autonomous universities in Singapore.

Scholars can also look forward to an overseas attachment of up to 12 months during their PhD studies. 

ACIS scholars who are interested to further deepen their research expertise and expand their global network through post-doctoral training at top overseas universities or research entities can apply for the A*STAR International Fellowship (AIF) upon completion of their PhD studies.

At A*STAR Graduate Academy, we strongly believe that diversity in talent fosters innovation, forward-thinking and interdisciplinary research. We welcome you to join our community of curious minds to share fresh perspectives to help overcome ever-evolving challenges in the field of science and research. As an A*STAR Computing and Information Science (ACIS) Scholarship scholar, you have the opportunity to study locally to receive the highest quality education from the best schools and leading Universities. You can look forward to making significant contributions to Science, Singapore, and Singaporeans.

Pursue your passion for Computing and Information Science with the ACIS Scholarship today!


Applicants must:

  • Singaporeans and other nationals welcome to apply
  • Non-Singaporeans must have completed or are on track to complete a degree in a Singapore autonomous university
  • Have obtained, or are on track to obtain, at least a 2nd Upper Class Honours degree or equivalent in a relevant discipline
  • Applicants who are in the last semester of their final year of undergraduate studies are welcome to apply; however, successful candidates will only be awarded the scholarship if they obtain at least a 2nd Upper Class Honours or equivalent results that meet A*STAR’s requirements
  • Satisfy the criteria for and gain admission to a PhD programme in an autonomous university
  • Have strong interest to pursue a CIS research career in industry R&D labs, technology enterprises, spin-off companies and/or academia

For Mid-Term ACIS applicants:

  • Singaporeans and other nationals are welcome to apply
  • Non-Singaporeans must have completed a degree in a Singapore autonomous university
  • Enrolled in a Singapore autonomous university and minimally complete at least 1 semester at the point of scholarship application
  • On track to attain excellent academic standing for current degree
  • Good research potential and/or achievements
  • Current university supervisor to be at least 1 out of the 2 academic referees

The above eligibility criteria are not exhaustive.

A*STAR may include additional selection criteria based on prevailing scholarship policies. These policies may be amended from time to time without notice.

Please refer to the "Research Areas and Supervisors" tab on the AGS webpage for a list of A*STAR approved supervisors. If the supervisor that you are interested to work with is not found in the lists, you may like to contact the supervisor to discuss possible projects.


Successful applicants will be given the following support* for up to 4 years :

  • Full tuition fees
  • Other allowances including
    • Book allowance
    • Computer allowance
    • Conference allowance
    • Thesis allowance
  • Support for up to 12 months of overseas attachment

Mid-term ACIS awardees will be offered the same terms of support as the full-term ACIS awardees from the point of the award, with retrospective payment for all tuition fees and/or any compulsory fees from Year 1 of study onwards.

*All rates/allowances are subject to adjustments by A*STAR from time to time.


Singaporeans and Singapore Permanent Residents : No service commitment.

Non-Singaporeans : 3-year service in Singapore-based companies^ without commitment to any specific organization. The area of work should preferably be in CIS disciplines.

^ Singapore-based companies refer to local companies and international companies that have a base in Singapore and which is registered with the Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA).


First application cycle:
Opens on 1 November
Closes on 1 February of following year
Second application cycle:
Opens on 1 June
Closes on 1 August
First application cycle:
Mid-February – March
Second application cycle:
Mid-August – October

Shortlisted candidates will be required to undergo 2 rounds of interview. Only shortlisted applicants will be notified of the interview details.
First application cycle:-
From mid-April
Second application cycle:-
From mid-November

Successful candidates will be notified via email.
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During Your Studies
Scholars will participate in Vista, A*STAR Graduate Academy’s signature developmental programme series specially designed for scholars. Each Vista session focuses on scholars’ key development areas at various academic and career milestones. The programmes provide opportunities to engage with A*STAR leadership and key opinion leaders in the R&D ecosystem, facilitate career and academic advancement and foster networking with peers. Past keynote speakers have included the CEO of National Research Foundation, the Chairman of A*STAR’s Biomedical Advisory Council, and the Executive Director of A*STAR’s Science and Engineering Research Council.


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Please contact us at student_services@hq.a-star.edu.sg  if you have further queries.