A*STAR Research Internship Award (ARIA)

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The A*STAR Research Internship Award (ARIA) offers curated research-based internship opportunities at the A*STAR Research Institutes (RIs) to Singaporean Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) undergraduates in universities. 

Get first-hand research experience and consider further studies and a career in research. Gain meaningful exposure to industry-relevant and translational research work and see the impact of A*STAR’s research to industry and Singapore’s economy. 

Research Areas and Projects


Please click the links below for the lists of supervisors and projects:

  • Biomedical Sciences (BMS);
  • Physical Sciences (PS)
  • Computing and Information Sciences (CIS);
  • Engineering and Technology (E&T);

Please click on the link for the list of ARIA supervisors and projects:   
ARIA Research Projects

Please note that you will be required to indicate your choice of specific ARIA Project Title when submitting your application form through ARIA Online Application Form . 
(More info on the process can be found under Application Procedure).

As research is increasingly interdisciplinary, we encourage applicants to review the projects in all categories regardless of your previous research experience and background.

More information on : 
A*STAR Research Focus


  • Minimum internship duration is 16 weeks (during semester) or 12 weeks (during vacation), subject to university’s minimum internship duration requirements
  • Singaporean undergraduates (≥ 2nd yr) in computing and information science, engineering and technology, physical sciences, or biomedical/life/food sciences
  • Good academic standing

    Successful ARIA awardees will receive a monthly allowance ranging from $1600 to $2000.


ARIA is intended to provide students with the opportunity to undertake ARIA as a Credit-bearing internship requirement module.

The ability to qualify for credit-bearing internships is subject to meeting the criteria from the respective faculties/departments in your university.

For Singaporean Local undergraduates: Please apply through your respective local universities’ internship portals. 

If the internship portal application period has closed, you may go to “Research Areas and Projects”, to view the list of ARIA Research Projects posted and follow the application instructions.

For Singaporean undergraduates studying in Overseas universities : Please to header “Research Areas and Projects”, to view the list of ARIA Research Projects posted and follow the application instructions. 

Please contact us at student_services@hq.a-star.edu.sg if you have further queries