Our most outstanding NSS (BS) and AUS undergraduate scholars are placed on the Chairman's Honours List annually.

Recipients for Academic Year 14/15 under each council are:

  • Biomedical Research Council
  • Science and Engineering Research Council

Biomedical Research Council

   Name   University   Course
 1  Abdul Sadeer Bin Abd Salam   NTU  Chemistry and Biological Chemistry
 2  Ashwin Srinivasan Kumar  Imperial College London   Biomedical Engineering
 3  Chan Shyang Wai Andre  NUS  Life Sciences
 4  Chen Weihua Elijah  NUS  Life Sciences
 5  Donavan Marcus Neo  NUS  Pharmacy
 6  Ham Gao Xiang  NTU  Biological Sciences with Business Minor 
 7   Ho Wei Ting Shamaine  NUS  Life Sciences
 8  Kwok Weng Han Immanuel  NTU  Biological Sciences
 9  Lee Boon Chin Adrian  NUS  Pharmacy
 10   Lee Chu Yin Bernadette  University of Cambridge  Natural Sciences
 11  Lim Hui Yi Grace  Duke University  Biology
 12  Lim Yi Herh Ansel  NUS  Medicine 
 13  Lim Ying Ting Sheryl  Imperial College London  Biotechnology
 14  Liu Shuang  Imperial College London  Chemistry with Medicinal Chemistry
 15  Loh Zhi Yang  NTU  Biological Sciences
 16  Loke You Jie Randy  NUS  Life Sciences
 17  Mao Haitong   Stanford University  Biology
 18  Marissa Koh Wen  Imperial College London  Medicine
 19  Ong Wei Quan Benjamin  NTU  Biological Sciences
 20  Tan Hui Yen Kristine  University of Glasgow  Veterinary Medicine
 21  Tan Jian Wei Benedict  NUS  Science
 22  Tan Kai Wei  NTU  Biological Sciences
 23  Tan Wei Yi Mark  NTU  Biological Sciences
 24  Tan Yu Lin  University of Oxford  Biomedical Sciences 
 25  Tan Yu Xuan   University College London    Neuroscience
 26  Toh Wei Lun  Imperial College London  Chemistry
 27  Yan Wenqing  Imperial College London  Medicine

Science & Engineering Research Council

   Name   University   Course 
 1   Abundo Maria Paulene Bernal    Imperial College London   Chemical Engineering 
 2  Boh Choon Kang Damian  Imperial College London  Physics
 3  Cham Thow Min Jerald  Imperial College London  Physics
 4  Chen Chen  NUS  Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering 
 5  Gaurav Mukesh Manek  Brown University  Computer Science
 6  Ho Leon Yoon  NUS  Chemical Engineering
 7  Jufri Setianegara  NUS  Physics
 8  Karthik Nagarajan  NUS  Chemical Engineering
 9  Kho Zhe Wei  NUS  Science (Physics)
 10   Khu Boon Hou Derek  University of Oxford  Mathematics
 11  Koh Tze Hui  NUS  Bioengineering
 12  Lee Kay Fei Matthew  Carnegie Mellon University    Electrical and Computer Engineering
 13  Lim Soon Wei Daniel  California Institute of Technology   Physics
 14  Lim Tze Peng Kevin  NUS  Chemistry
 15  Liu Hao  NTU  Aerospace Engineering
 16  Loh Ying Kai  NTU  Chemistry and Biological Chemistry
 17  Neo Boon Siong  University of Cambridge  Chemical Engineering
 18  Ng Jia Sheng  NTU  Chemistry and Biological Chemistry
 19  Ng Kang Feng  NTU  Physics and Applied Physics
 20  Oh Jin An Sam  NTU  Mechanical Engineering
 21  Ong Kay Chen Theodore  NTU  Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering with Business Minor
 22  Ooi Ching Pin  NUS  Physics
 23  Png Kee Seng  NTU  Physics
 24  Pranay Shirodkar  NUS  Mechanical Engineering
 25  Soh Jian Rui  Imperial College London  Physics
 26  Tan Kok Cheng Anthony  NTU  Physics
 27  Tan Siew Ting Melissa  NTU  Materials Science
 28  Tan Yong Kiam  University of Cambridge  Computer Science
 29  Tu Jiaobing  Imperial College London  Materials Science and Engineering
 30  Wan Ying  NTU  Electrical and Electronic Engineering
 31  Wu Shuang  NUS  Physics
 32  Xu Hesheng Victor  NTU  Chemistry and Biological Chemistry
 33  Yang Ji An  Carnegie Mellon University  Computer Science
 34  Yang Ruochen  University of Cambridge  Chemical Engineering



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