Our most outstanding NSS (BS) and AUS undergraduate scholars are placed on the Chairman's Honours List annually.

Recipients for Academic Year 16/17 under each council are:


1Azmi Sultan Sikander RahmanImperial College LondonMedicine
2Chua Yue Zhi RussSingapore University of Technology and DesignEngineering (Engineering Product Development)
3Donavan Marcus NeoNational University of SingaporePharmacy
4Ee Rui Qi RachelImperial College LondonBiology
5Glenn QuekNational University of SingaporeScience
6Goh Zhang-heNational University of SingaporePharmacy
7Hannah Lau Si HuiNational University of SingaporeScience
8Khong Zi JianNanyang Technological UniversityBiological Sciences with Psychology
9Kwa Jing EugeneImperial College LondonBiomedical Sciences
10Lam Jing Ying AdeleNational University of SingaporeBiomedical Engineering
11Lee Chu Yin BernadetteUniversity of CambridgeNatural Sciences
12Lee Jia LeNational University of SingaporeLife Sciences
13Lee Wei HaoJohns Hopkins UniversityChemistry
14Leow Ke XuanImperial College LondonBiochemistry
15Liang JiaqiNanyang Technological UniversityBiological Sciences
16Lim Mi QiImperial College LondonMedicine
17Lim Lin XeniaNational University of SingaporeLife Sciences
18Lim Ying Ting SherylImperial College LondonBiochemistry
19Loo Li YangNational University of SingaporeMedicine
20Neo Ren Kai EdwardNanyang Technological UniversityChemistry and Biological Chemistry
21Ng Yi PinNanyang Technological UniversityChemistry and Biological Chemistry
22Ong Han WeeNational University of SingaporeScience(Chemistry)
23Ong ShujianNational University of SingaporeScience
24Phuah Hui Qi PhyllisImperial College LondonBiomedical Science
25Quek Rui TongImperial College LondonBiochemistry
26Tan Pin KwangNational University of SingaporeLife Sciences
27Tan Wei XuanNanyang Technological UniversityBiological Sciences
28Tan Yu XuanUniversity College LondonNeuroscience
29Teo Hong KaiNational University of SingaporePharmacy
30Wong Wen Han JoelImperial College LondonChemistry


Name University Course
1 Cham Thow Min Jerald Imperial College London Physics
2 Chua Sing Teng National University of Singapore Materials Science and Engineering and Physics (Double Degree Programme)
3 Daryl Jude Lawrence Imperial College London Materials Science and Engineering
4 Edward Harsono National University of Singapore Electrical Engineering( Minor in Management)
5 Huan Yan Qi California Institute of of Technology Physics
6 Lim Kang Rui Garrick National University of Singapore Science (Chemistry)
7 Lim Soon Wei Daniel California Institute of Technology Physics
8 Lim Zhen Jie Jeremy Nanyang Technological University Physics
9 Neo Boon Siong University of Cambridge Chemical Engineering
10 Peng Jia Xin National University of Singapore Mechanical Engineering
11 See Wei Li Willy National University of Singapore Science(Chemistry)
12 Tan Yew Lee Nanyang Technological University Physics and Applied Physics
13 Tay May Yi Dousabel National University of Singapore Chemical Engineering
14 Toh Wei Lun Imperial College London Chemistry
15 U S Vaitesswar National University of Singapore Chemical Engineering
16 Xu Rui Hua Jeff National University of Singapore Chemical Engineering
17 Yeung Wing See Celine National University of Singapore Chemical Engineering
18 Zhang Wanyue University College London Computer Science