A*STAR Scholarship Award Ceremony 2022

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to our 2022 cohort of A*STAR scholars. I am heartened that so many young individuals like yourselves yearn to explore a career in science and technology.

I am delighted to celebrate this momentous occasion once again in person. Two long years of battling with COVID-19 have shone a spotlight on science and technology’s role in fighting the pandemic. It also bring up the point that science does not operate in silos. We would not be where we are today in the pandemic fight if not for government agencies, public healthcare organisations, public research institutes, academia and industry coming together to sharing knowledge and expertise for the greater good.

This year’s theme – STEM Leaders in the Making – recognises your potential and the impact you will make in advancing scientific discovery and innovation, building networks across our scientific ecosystem, and shaping Singapore’s future.

A*STAR is a vibrant community where you will get the support and encouragement you need to pursue your passion. During your scholarship journey, our entire team at the A*STAR Graduate Academy, will provide you the opportunities and guidance to forge your own career path.

The holistic experience and meaningful friendships you will build during your journey as an A*STAR scholar will surely be beneficial in your respective fields. Savour the journey and seize every opportunity to exchange ideas, learn from the brightest minds in research and collaborate for greater impact.

Continue to follow your passion in science, dream big and strive for excellence. I wish you all the best. You are the future, make a difference!

Executive Director,
A*STAR Graduate Academy,
Ms Tay Chay Wah

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