As our world evolves with societal and technological changes, we must remember that Research, Innovation, and Enterprise remain cornerstones of our nation's competitiveness and success.

People are our greatest asset in this endeavour, forming the scientific talent that make impactful breakthroughs possible for Singapore, Singaporeans and Science. We must continue to nurture and grow this pool of people with a passion for R&D and an even greater desire to create a better future for all.

With that in mind, congratulations on your well-deserved A*STAR scholarship and welcome to the cohort of 2023 scholars. This year's theme – Talents for Science – acknowledges your accomplishments and your potential to elevate scientific research to greater heights.

To realise this potential, we encourage you to embody the qualities of courage, commitment, and character. Venture into uncharted fields with curiosity, dedicate yourself to continual learning and improvement, and always have integrity in all that you do.

The A*STAR Graduate Academy is committed to empowering you with the necessary guidance and support as you forge your careers in science and technology. Remember that you are part of a community that will walk alongside you in this journey.

Embrace the opportunity to make the most of your potential, while also recognising the impact you can have on the world around you. We look forward to the scientific advancements that your unique talents and abilities will bring to bear for Singapore and beyond.

Ms Tay Chay Wah
A*STAR Graduate Academy