A*STAR Graduate Academy

About A*STAR Graduate Academy

At A*STAR Graduate Academy (A*GA), our vision is to make A*STAR a global nexus for scientific talent. That’s why we are committed to nurturing and grooming a new generation of talented scientists and researchers who will spearhead Singapore’s ambition of becoming a world-class scientific hub. Through a comprehensive suite of undergraduate, PhD and post-doctoral scholarships, A*GA supports top-class education both locally and overseas to help passionate individuals realise their full potential. Youth talent are also identified through extensive outreach programmes to nurture a vibrant diverse community of young scientific talent in Singapore.


We aim to advance A*STAR human capital development through scholarships, fellowships and collaborative programmes with universities. By providing a unique, vibrant, inter-disciplinary and globally connected environment, we ensure that A*STAR has an outstanding pool of PhD research talent that infuses creative thinking, new ideas, latitude and diversity to our R&D for the benefit of Singapore science.

A*STAR Graduate Academy
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