Computer-aided Integrated Platform for Large-scale Non-invasive Observation of Cardiovascular Disorders Using Retina Image Analysis
In collaboration with SERI, National University of Singapore (NUS) computer scientists developed the Singapore “I” Vessel Assessment (SIVA) software to extract retinal vascular structure and derive quantitative measures from retinal images to describe the retinal vessels' characteristics.

The SIVA software is a user-friendly system with accurate and robust algorithms that can measure the vascular or blood-vessel structure in retinal images automatically.


SIVA is also flexible and intuitive in gathering feedback to enhance the accuracy of vessel measurement and description. SIVA can automatically compute a spectrum of retinal vascular parameters including retinal vascular caliber, tortuosity, branching angle, fractal dimension and junction exponent deviation from retinal fundus photographs to quantify the retinal vasculature. Other automation of SIVA includes retinal vasculature tracing, vessel type classification (venule or arteriole), optic disc detection and position the measured grid following the Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities (ARIC) Study protocol.

 Key Features
1) Algorithms for automated optic disc detection with user feedback.

2) Algorithms for automatic vascular structure extraction and tracing and automatic identification of retinal arterioles and venules.

3) Formulas and algorithms for computing quantifiable measures of retinal vasculature (retinal vessel caliber, branching angles, tortuosity and fractal dimension).

4) Intuitive and user-friendly interface that cuts down the time and effort required to grade a retinal image.



1)   Research tool for investigating early vascular diseases through non-invasive retinal images (e.g. hypertension, diabetes, stroke, heart disease, kidney disease, cognitive impairment)

2)   Potential screening and risk stratification tool for cardiovascular disease in the population.

3)   Potential tool to evaluate vascular structuralresponse in clinical trials for monitoring disease and modifying therapies (e.g., hypertension).



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