Knights Landing / Code Modernisation Workshop organised by Intel®
26 Apr 2017 - 28 Apr 2017

Target Audience: Users of A*CRC SGI ICE XA system

Account on SGI ICE XA system - participants are requested to register on the NSCC portal page at Basic knowledge of Linux, Fortran/C/C++ programming and concepts of distributed (e.g. MPI) or shared-memory parallelisation (e.g. OpenMP). 

Prior experience of other HPC resource usage (e.g NSCC Aspire 1 or A*CRC clusters) or prior NSCC programming workshop attendance is desirable.

Naveen Gv – Software Engineering Manager for Intel Software products
Naina Patil - Technical Consulting Engineer at Intel Software and Services group

Naveen Gv leads technical team for Intel Software products in India. His team works with internal and external strategic customers providing enabling and optimisation support on Intel products for High Performance Computing, Media and Embedded domains. Naveen has worked on Intel Software products and helps customers to optimise their applications to achieve significant performance boost with Intel software tools on multi-core systems, also worked with several universities across Asia Pacific to implement multi-core programming in academia. He is with Intel Corporation since 2005 and played a key role in establishing Intel Embedded Software ecosystems in Asia and other part of world. He has around 17 years of experience in wide range of domains including embedded, aerospace, signal processing, imaging and maths applications.

Naina Patil is associated with Intel Developer Product Division for the past 9 months. She has completed her Bachelor’s degree in Computer science and Masters in Computer networking from VTU. She is actively involved in enabling customers to optimise and improve the performance of their applications using Intel Software Tools.

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