Building Scalable Bioinformatics Workflows
05 May 2017 - 05 May 2017

In this workshop we will show you how to write pipelines with Snakemake, a free workflow management system. Snakemake greatly reduces the complexity to write and execute your pipelines. We will demonstrate and discuss in detail how the system can be used to analyze genomics data and how execution transparently scales from your laptop to supercomputers.

Target audience:
1. Current users of A*CRC system, especially those who are running the un-manageable pipeline.
2. A*STAR Researchers work in life science.
3. Departments of NUS and NTU related to Bioinformatics 
NO pre-requisites required as we don't go to hands-on practices this time. It's much more like a tutorial this time.

Bio Data:
Andreas received his PhD in Biology (with highest honor) from the University of Dusseldorf/Germany. He moved via Biophysics into Bioinformatics and worked during his Postdoc in Dublin/Ireland on the Clustal series of programs, one of the most cited tools in Bioinformatics. Since 2010 he's been with the Genome Institute of Singapore, where he now leads the Research Pipeline Development team of the Scientific & Research Computing division. In his spare time he's optimizing workflows for artisan sourdough bread. His Google scholar profile is available at

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