The Fuji Cluster (host name: fuji) is A*CRC's fastest system. Deployed in January 2010, it comprises 378 units of dual-socket quad-core systems running Redhat Enterprise 5 with Fujitsu's NQS as its scheduler. The cluster is equipped with a a quad-data rate (QDR) Infiniband network as its intra-cluster connection.

Fuji was acquired as part of the Petascale Computing collaboration between A*STAR and Fujitsu. However it is also open to all A*STAR researchers and students.

Hardware Configuration


  Head node
Compute nodes
Hostname fuji.acrc.a-star.edu.sg
378 compute nodes
72 compute nodes
System Fujitsu RX200S5
Fujitsu BX900
Fujitsu BX902
2 x Intel E5520 2.27GHz quad-core CPUs
(8 cores per node)
2 x Intel E5570 2.93GHz quad-core CPUs
(8 cores per node)
2 x Intel E5670 2.93GHz 6-core CPUs
(12 cores per node)
Memory Per Node 24GB DDR3 ECC RAM 36GB DDR3 ECC RAM
Networks Gigabit Ethernet QDR Infiniband, Gigabit Ethernet
Disk Space 2TB for home directories
35TB global /scratch
35GB /tmp per node