Stratus -- our latest Intel Xeon Phi cluster. This is a SGI ICE XA water cooled system with 144 nodes, each having a 64 core Intel Xeon Phi 7210 processor (total 9216 cores) with 192 GB of memory (total 27+ TB), connected by a 100 Gb/s EDR InfiniBand fabric.The system provides 250 Rmax TFLOPS and is designed to run highly parallel HPC workloads.
New SGI System Configuration
Hostname: Stratus
System SG ICE XA
Blades 36 (Quad Node)
Nodes 144
CPUs 64 cores @ 1.3Ghz Intel Knights Landing (KNL) PHI 7210
Total cores 9216
Memory 192GB/node (3GB/core)
RMax 250TF
Interconnect 4x EDR IB 100Gbps
Rack 5+1 ( E Rack x2, CDU, Cooling Rack, D Rack, DDN Rack)
Cooling water cooling, 7 degree - 32 degree