About the ARTC 

  • An initiative by A*STAR partnership with NTU
  • Model – 1st Centre in Asia adopting the AxRC model of Industry-Led  Public-Private Partnership across Supply Chains
  • Mission – To Bridge the Gap from Research to Industry Applications for Remanufacturing & Manufacturing for Cross-Sectorial Industries
  • Vision – World Renowned Industry-Led Centre of Excellence for Remanufacturing & Manufacturing Technologies, Processes and Systems

  • ARTC Grand Opening by Mr S. Iswaran, Minister for Trade and Industry (Industry) on the 28th Jan 2015


    ARTC is an industry-led, public-private partnership platform initiative for cross-sectorial companies to engage in collaborative R&D to fast track advanced remanufacturing and manufacturing capabilities.

    Initiated by the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) in partnership with the Nanyang Technological University (NTU), the ARTC is the first centre in Asia that adopts the 'AxRC' model of industry-led public private partnership across supply chains. This unique model is gaining attention from governments and industry globally in recent years. It leverages on a ready pool of resources and R&D funding to achieve technology capabilities and catalyse new business opportunities for all stakeholders.

    At ARTC, like-minded companies from multinational corporations to global equipment and software providers to small and medium enterprises come together to collaborate and achieve the ARTC’s technology advanced remanufacturing and manufacturing capabilities in a faster, better and cheaper way than working alone. Based on a membership framework it drives commitment from both industry members and ARTC as active strategic partners in driving a shared capability roadmap.

    Through this unique framework industry members are able to solve similar problems on a cost-sharing basis where the best-in- class knowledge is created and shared. In addition, our members can have access to advanced industrial-scale equipment and world-class facility, as well as tap on the extensive industrial research expertise.

    Technology Themes
    Themes – Advanced Remanufacturing, Data-Driven Surface Enhancement, Advanced Robotic Applications, Intelligent Product Verification, Additive Manufacturing Industrialization and Smart Manufacturing - encompass the entire product life cycle of a remanufactured product where it might undergo processes such as disassembly, finishing, cleaning, surface enhancement, and product verification. These 6 themes are also applicable for advanced manufacturing to improve productivity, capability and/or cost.

    There are two types of projects at the ARTC, namely core and member-specific projects. Core projects are jointly scoped based on members' problem statements and are collaboratively driven with all members. Member-specific projects address capability requirements for specific components with one member or a group of members across the supply chain.

    ARTC Members
    Our members come from different market sectors across the supply chain; many of them are industry leaders and their invaluable drive and support has made the ARTC an early success.