Industrial Robotic Finishing - Best Practices* (40 hours)

Industrial Robotic Finishing - Best Practices
*This is a non-WSQ module.

Manufacturing companies across the globe crave better productivity and quality at a fraction of cost while ensuring the safety of their workers. Robotics, a subset of automation, has been the answer to these demands for many years. And, it shall remain as a key enabler in manufacturing for many more years to come, as seen from the projected increase in adoption rate, benefits (eg. versatility, scalability, etc.) and recent developments. The knowledge and skills of robotics would benefit everyone by allowing one to remain relevant, competitive or be presented with new career opportunities. To impart said knowledge and skills to the participants, finishing process was selected from numerous robotic applications as the demonstrating process for this course.

About the Programme

This course aims to equip participants with the following skills and knowledge to address the identified gap of the target audience through a series of theoretical and practical lessons:

  • Determine the suitability of an ideated use-case for robotic application, and down-select a robot model based on the requirements/specifications
  • Perform teaching and calibration of target points to create a functioning robot program that interfaces with sensors/actuators
  • Utilize a robotic system to perform finishing process on a component
  • Acquire knowledge on the landscape, benefits/challenges and application of robotics in the manufacturing industry
  • Learn about potential hazards of a robotic system, its program structure and the concept of frames/coordinate systems
  • Gain know-how and details of workflow for the robotized finishing process

Who Should Attend

This course is specially designed for people without any exposure to the world of robotics and its possibilities.

The course content is relevant for the following groups of people:

  • Engineers who are interested to know how to apply robotics to automate their company’s manufacturing processes
  • Engineering managers who are interested in identifying opportunities of using robotics in manufacturing operations, bringing about benefits to the company
  • Non-engineering professionals who want to gain exposure to robotic applications, increasing prospects of future employment in manufacturing companies

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Industrial Robotic Finishing - Best Practices

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Industrial Robotic Finishing - Best Practices (40 hours)

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